Blood Ties, Chapter 15: Sunset

Last time on Blood Ties, Meilin got fed up with waiting for the party to return and ran off to find them. Will she succeed? Find out after the cut.

Abeke almost made it. She fell slightly short and landed on the very edge of the thorn trees, crashing through them to tumble onto the path near Conor, one sleeve already bloody from where the thorns had ripped through her coat and shirt, and the skin beneath.

Hooray! Abeke only suffered scratches and bruises from her fall, and she got the required number of banana gourds. Now it’s time for the party to hurry back to the Tergesh camp before time runs out.

On the way back, Conor and Abeke find an island full of crocodiles. They prepare for battle … then find out that all the crocodiles are dead. Turns out that the crocodiles were all Bile-enhanced, and the substance eventually killed them. Abeke is kind enough to recap what Bile does to animals before the party ventures forth again.

“Solid ground at last,” said Conor wearily, some hours later, as they staggered out of the swampy water and onto the muddy shore of the jungle fringe. “I’m even glad to be heading back into the jungle.”

But will the party make it back on time? Abeke doesn’t think so, but luckily Conor has a plan. And this genius plan is … giving the gourds to Briggan and Uraza and having them run ahead to the camp. Is this within the quest parameters? Who knows? But they do it anyway.

And then a giant Bile-enhanced crocodile attacks the party.

Luckily, Meilin shows up out of nowhere, and with her help the party manages to kill the crocodile. With that random encounter taken care of, the children head back to camp.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Conor tries to be a gentleman and keeps asking Abeke if she needs help carrying her bags or if she needs first aid. Abeke keeps refusing.

Meilin only managed to rejoin the party in time because Briggan and Uraza ran past her.

General Gar’s crocodile is twice the size of the one that attacks the party. (Dear god I actually want to spoil something about the crocodile … but I won’t because I’m nice.)

Title Drop!

“He’s not,” said Meilin. They exchanged stories as they set off. The sun was no longer visible behind the jungle trees, though the sky was still streaked with sunset colors. All Conor’s thoughts were with Briggan and Uraza. He hoped they would make it in time.


Next time: Rollan gets better. A party is gathered and ventures forth.


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