Blood Ties, Chapter 14: Hope

Last time on Blood Ties, Abeke and Conor finally found the banana gourds. Will they be able to return to the Tergesh on time to save Rollan? Find out after the cut.

Meilin watched the sun, and the shadow it cast from the horn of the rhino rock. Rollan hadn’t said anything since complaining about the cold. Occasionally he shivered, as he was shivering now. His teeth chattered.

Meilin’s had enough of waiting for Abeke’s party to return! She’s tired of watching Rollan suffer from his high fever! And listening to Xue talk about how she has hope in the party’s return isn’t helping at all. So Meilin’s going to ditch them and head off to the edge of the swamp so she can find Abeke and Conor. Xue’s all like, “Sure, go ahead, leave,” and Meilin’s like, “Your reverse psychology ain’t working on me! So I’m gonna leave right now, and return by sunset with those stupid gourds.”


Title Drop!

Xue shook her head. “I don’t have visions. Just hope.”


Next time: Conor learns what the Bile does to animals. Meilin rejoins the party again.

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