Blood Ties, Chapter 13: Tall Trees and Thornbushes

Last time on Blood Ties, Xue rejoined Meilin’s party. Will she ever sell her supply of pots to the Tergesh? Find out after the cut.

Abeke woke up with a start. The first faint light of dawn was falling on their sleeping spot in the grass. Conor was slumped on his side nearby, curled up next to Briggan. The wolf looked at her with ears standing straight upright. Uraza was sitting on her haunches next to him, licking mud from her fur.

Abeke: Wait, what? I overslept?

[Yeah. You rolled for staying up during your watch, and, um … let’s just say you fell asleep and didn’t wake Conor for his shift.]

Abeke: Aw, shit! I done messed up.

[Oh, not to worry. Conor’s doing just fine. In fact, he’s having a nightmare right about now.]

Abeke: About what?


Abeke: Is that all he ever thinks about?

[Pretty much. It’s on his character sheet. See? “Conor, son of Fenray. 12 years old, bonded to Briggan, former indentured servant and shepherd, illiterate, feels guilty about betraying party. Oh, and obsessed with sheep.” That is literally his entire character.]

Abeke: Wow. You’re right, we really do need character development.


Abeke: Oh, finally, it’s those trees with the banana gourds.
Conor: Too bad they’re surrounded by a maze of thorny bushes.
Abeke: Don’t worry. I’ve got the Granite Ram and Uraza’s enhanced reflexes. I’ve got this.
Conor: But I want to climb the tree!
Abeke: I’m the only one who went through the jumping tutorial. So I get to do it.
Conor: Fine.

[Abeke rolls for the jump. Good news: you manage to climb to the top and knock down five banana gourds.]

Abeke: How many do we need for this quest?

[Four. One for each of the Fallen Beasts.]

Abeke: When did this happen?

[A few chapters back. I kinda forgot to mention that. Sorry.]

Abeke: Ugh.

[Abeke rolls for the descent. You fall, and the Granite Ram slips from your neck.]

Abeke: I use Uraza to cast Enhanced Agility!

[Great job. You land with only bruises. Now collect those four gourds, retrieve the Granite Ram, and rejoin Conor!]

Abeke: I thought you said I knocked down five gourds.

[One rolled away.]

Abeke: Seriously, you’re the worst GM ever.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Conor doesn’t mind that Abeke didn’t wake him up. And it’s all because Briggan and Uraza watched the party while they were sleeping. Look, I don’t care that two magical, sentient animals guarded the party, but I’d still be pissed if someone shirked their duty by sleeping through their watch and neglecting to wake me up for my shift.

Sidequest Status!
Banana Gourds collected: 4
Time remaining: 6 hours, give or take


Next time: Meilin is fed up with waiting.


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