Blood Ties, Chapter 8: The Jungle Path

Last time on Blood Ties, everyone not named Meilin was introduced to Lishay, their Greencloak contact. Will they finally find the MacGuffin? Find out after the cut.

Lishay promised them that the journey from the river barge through the jungle would not be easy, and she was right. They traveled single file along a narrow trail through dense, wet undergrowth with overhanging trees and dangling vines that dropped leeches on everyone. Even when Essix spied a wider path nearby, Lishay would not let them move off the narrow trail she had chosen.

The party is now traveling through the jungle, sticking to the narrow trails so that they don’t get ambushed by rhino riders. Unfortunately, this means that it’ll take longer for them to reach Pharist Nang. After much complaining, Lishay finally agrees to follow a wider trail.

Oh! Rollan is feeling faint and feverish. And it’s probably because of all the mosquitoes biting him. This is obviously a Bad Thing.

Their hike became easier once they got onto the wider trail. It was about eight feet wide, the undergrowth had been well trampled, and there were no annoying vines hanging down from the trees that clustered on either side, and so no sudden showers of leeches either. The rain also stopped and the sun came out, raising wafts of steam everywhere from the drying vegetation.

The party reaches a clearing, where they are predictably ambushed by the Tergesh. Tarik manages to escape, which is all Rollan sees before he succumbs to his fever and all the poison darts the rhino riders shot him with.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
The Tergesh don’t bond with spirit animals. Instead, they are paired with rhino calves at birth.

The Tergesh ride not!Indian Zhongese rhinos.

Apparently the Conquerors already know where Dinesh is, thanks to their seer Yumaris. (Wow, we haven’t heard from her in forever.)

Rollan’s new ability to see through Essix’s eyes also includes taste — which particularly sucks when Essix decides to go hunting.

Title Drop!

Zhosur made a low rumbling sound and headed off through the jungle, breaking from the path. Lishay followed, the others close behind. As they left the path, it started to rain again. It was warm rain, but still annoying. It trickled down under their sailor’s coats, and got in their eyes, and just made everything more miserable.


Next time: Jhi shows off her BATTLE PANDA skills. Meilin is reunited with her father.


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