Blood Ties, Chapter 4: Secret Signals

Last time on Blood Ties, everyone not named Meilin successfully reached Xin Kao Dai, but ran into some Conqueror guards. Will Rollan’s impromptu distraction work? Find out after the cut.

As soon as the guards ran after Rollan, Tarik, Abeke and Conor moved, sauntering across the road into the market. Their hearts were pounding and all three felt sure that at any moment someone would shout … but no one was watching. Everyone nearby was staring at the trail of destruction left by Rollan and the pursuing guards.

Hooray! Rollan’s distraction worked, so now the rest of the party can order food and wait for Rollan to rejoin them. Rollan shows up sometime later and reveals that he knocked the guards into a cesspit. With that threat taken care of, the party makes their way to Xin Kao Dai’s East Gate. On the way, Rollan and Abeke compare and share their respective sign languages, and use them to help the party navigate through the city.

Once at the East Gate, the party is inspected by Conqueror guards, who are immediately suspicious of Abeke. Luckily, the party manages to distract them by having them fight over how they’ll divvy up the bribe Tarik gave them.

Eventually, the party finds the Inn of the Bright Moon in the slums just outside Xin Kao Dai. Just one problem: the Conquerors are staying there, too….


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

The party orders zongzi from a food stall. They’re not called that, but the description (sticky rice and meat wrapped in lotus leaves) fits.

It seems that Amaya, Eura, and Zhong all use similar currency. Tarik uses silver coins (called “bits”) to pay for the party’s food. There’s obviously no Niloan coins because, as revealed in the last book, their economy is based on barter.


Next time: The party meets Little Miss Only Appearing in This Book at an inn, just like in almost every RPG ever.


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