Hunted, Chapter 19: Iron Boar

Last time on Hunted, our protagonists obtained the Iron Boar, MacDonnell reunited with his spirit animal, and Rumfuss went free. Will our heroes figure out what their new talisman does? Find out after the cut.

TRIGGER WARNING: A possible implied rape threat! You have been warned.

While MacDonnell would have been happy to house the Greencloaks as esteemed guests for another night, Finn had insisted time was of the essence. Though Rollan loudly protested — the boy had only slept a single night in that amazing bed — their group set off that very morning. Understandably, they bypassed Trunswick entirely, shaving several days off the return trip to Lady Evelyn’s. There they found a rather embarrassed Tarik, much improved from his previous condition. He was tired, but healthy enough to travel with them the relatively short way back to Greenhaven Castle.

There’s some shuffling of characters before the party returns to Greenhaven:

  • Tarik rejoins the party.
  • Finn decides to stay at Glengavin.

So yeah, not much happens here. The good news is that the party got a MacGuffin, and they’re two days away from home base. Yay!

That night, as Conor stood watch over the others, he reveled in the wide, starry peace of the Euran pasture for what might be the last time in a long, long while.

Conor’s watch is interrupted by Dawson, the nicer of the Trunswick brothers. And he comes with a letter bearing bad news. The full text of the letter is below, but basically it says, “Hey, Conor! It’s your pal, the Earl of Trunswick. Give me the MacGuffin, and I’ll forgive your family’s debts. If not, I’ll make sure they starve, and I’ll do worse things to your mom. Your choice. Toodles!”

Of course, Conor doesn’t want his family to starve, and he doesn’t want “worse things” to happen to his mom, so he gives away the MacGuffin. And unfortunately, Meilin woke up early and saw the whole exchange go down.

This will obviously bite everyone in the ass later.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
So um … yeah. The Earl of Trunswick basically threatened Conor’s mom with rape if he doesn’t get the MacGuffin. This makes him a bigger dick than Devin. Also, who thought you’d find this in a children’s book?

The Earl of Trunswick’s letter also implies that the Conquerors have held his family (or at least Devin) hostage in exchange for the MacGuffin. Still not sure who’s the biggest dick between the two, though.

Title Drop!

I know that we last met under unpleasant terms, and you will not want to listen to what I have to say. However, I would like you to imagine the starving faces of your family as Dawson reads you this letter. Then you should imagine all the worse things than starvation that can befall a woman charged with betraying her lord to his enemy — even if this enemy is her own son. I have a bargain for you. Give the Iron Boar to Dawson. As soon as it is in my hands, I will forgive your family’s debt and your mother will go free. They will own the land they work, and all the sheep they tend. They will be freemen, no longer my serfs. All you have to do is give Dawson the talisman. And if you do not? I will hold them to every last copper that they owe me, and I promise you, they will starve this winter, and the fate of your mother will be far crueler. Rest assured this is the last you will hear from me either way. Devin has become involved in something that Trunswick can no longer afford to support openly, lest we collapse upon ourselves. Zerif tells me that if the Conquerors may have their talisman, then I may have my family back. And so you will have yours.


Next time: Meilin makes a rash decision.


One comment

  1. Huh. I totally didn’t notice that at all while I was reading it. I mean, if it had been Conor’s DAD that helped him, I would’ve just assumed that the Earl meant torture or really painful execution or something, so I came to the same conclusion here. Still, good point. I actually don’t know. Since it is a children’s book, I don’t think they meant that intentionally… maybe.

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