Hunted, Chapter 15: The Hare

Last time on Hunted, Conor struck a deal with MacDonnell, and Rollan and Meilin saved Abeke. Will they finally find the McGuffin? Find out after the cut.

I hope they’ve found Abeke, Conor thought as he and Finn rushed down a path that snaked along the castle’s east wall. Their search for the hare had consumed more time than Conor liked, and still they’d seen no sign of their friends. Around them, the garden darkened as morning faded into late afternoon. Losing the talisman to Devin would be awful, but losing another one of their team after Tarik … it would be unthinkable. Briggan glanced over at Conor, as if he’d overheard the boy’s thoughts.

While Meilin and Rollan are out saving Abeke, Conor and Finn are trying to find MacDonnell’s spirit animal. Thanks to the Trippy Dream Sequence that Conor had a few chapters back, Conor manages to find a hidden clearing near MacDonnell’s bedroom. There, he finds a hare sleeping behind a rosebush. Conor tries to tell the hare that MacDonnell wants him back, and Finn tries to sympathize with the animal, but the hare just runs away.

Well, great. Conor was supposed to convince the hare to return so that MacDonnell would let the party negotiate with Rumfuss. After petting Briggan a few times, Conor decides to find Rumfuss anyway so he can stop Devin from getting the talisman.


Next time: The rest of the party finds Rumfuss.



  1. I find it kinda funny that such of an OCD, power-obsessed and rule-obsessed and like, totally rigid guy is bonded to a fuzzy, cuddly lil’ bunny.

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