Hunted, Chapter 14: Hunting

Last time on Hunted, the party failed to gain MacDonnell’s permission to search for Rumfuss on his property, and Finn discovered that Abeke went missing. Will the party decide to find the McGuffin, or save Abeke? Find out after the cut.

“He hunts?” MacDonnell asked, voice curious, like he thought he’d misheard the punch line of a joke. Finn repeated what the knot code said. MacDonnell’s face didn’t change, but when he spoke again, his voice had gone dark. “Hunting. In my castle’s gardens, where I alone am permitted to hunt.” He pursed his lips. “They take advantage of my hospitality and break my law.”

Oooooh. Devin and Karmo just pissed off MacDonnell!

Conor wants to find Rumfuss before Devin’s party does, but how can he do that if it’s illegal to set foot in MacDonnell’s gardens? Luckily, Meilin has an idea: the party will find MacDonnell’s spirit animal in exchange for access to the gardens. MacDonnell accepts the deal.

MacDonnell, who looked a bit overcome with the prospect of the hare returning to him, had a soldier lead them through the palace and down a wide staircase to the gardens. As they came into view, Rollan had to hide his surprise. When Rollan thought of gardens, he thought of little patches of grass with flowers. Maybe a fountain. Maybe even a tree, if it was a really fancy sort of garden. And what lay before him was exactly those things — except times a thousandfold.

The party splits up: Conor and Finn search for MacDonnell’s hare, while Rollan and Meilin track down Abeke.

But where could Abeke be? Thankfully, Abeke’s pet cat Kunaya leads Rollan and Meilin to a carriage house and meows at one of the carriages. And lo and behold, inside that carriage is a locked trunk containing Abeke and Uraza! Rollan picks the lock and frees them.

Now how will the party find Rumfuss? Rollan has the answer: he’ll use Essix to scout from above!


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Meilin’s alternate plan to free Abeke: crush the trunk with Jhi.


Next time: Conor tries to reason with a rabbit.



  1. I’m caught up to the end of Book Three now. XD
    Hey jacquesworth: (Pretty major spoiler alert for book three, everyone):Does the end of book 3 remind you any of Adriane Charday? Namely the black/white double spirit animal thing? That’s the first thing I thought of.

    1. Also, I thought it was weird about this chapter that Meilin just thought “Hey. we’ll find your hare for you,” when she had no idea where it was or if they would be able to find it at all. Only Connor really had any idea, and it’s not like he told her about his visions.

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