Hunted, Chapter 10: Glengavin

Last time on Hunted, Conor and Rollan escaped from Truswick with Finn’s party’s help. Will they finally find someone in Eura who supports the Greencloaks? Find out after the cut.

Finn continued to save their lives. Rollan, having considerable experience being chased, was fairly certain that the group’s escape from Trunswick was thrilling but temporary. After all, he’d seen the smug Earl of Trunswick. More important, he’d seen the Earl of Trunswick’s horse.

It’s been a few days since the party escaped from Trunswick, and for once I’m not really complaining that this is a missed opportunity for character development. Maybe it’s because, over the past few chapters, we’ve learned that:

  • Conor worries about his family and has serious confidence issues
  • Abeke worries that the party doesn’t accept her
  • Meilin puts on a brave face, but she’s really worried about her dad and Zhong
  • Rollan is anti-authoritarian and has trust issues
  • Finn has PTSD (hence not being able to summon his spirit animal) and some bad experiences with authority figures

So I’m totally cool with a brief description of the party traveling through not!Scotland northern Eura until they reach the opulent palace of Glengavin. There, the party is given the warm welcome they totally deserve.

It was indeed a warm welcome. Rollan and Conor were given a room to share. Though they were from very different backgrounds, both of them were equally stunned by the size of it. And the beds! — great poster beds, with a pillar at each corner supporting a draping fabric ceiling. One for each boy.

Talk about a warm welcome! Comfortable beds, washbasins, and new clothes — so much better than being thrown into an insane asylum, am I right?

Anyway, after a well-deserved nap, the party dresses up for the big welcome banquet held by Lord MacDonnell, the ruler of Glengavin. And it’s an awesome welcome banquet, complete with food and a band!

But Rollan notices a few things off about the gathering. Everyone tenses up when MacDonnell enters the room. The lord’s table has a conspicuous seat for his spirit animal, but it hasn’t been used in a long time. MacDonnell’s children are obedient little drones. And MacDonnell keeps telling himself that in his castle, he is the law.

Things get worse when Rollan realizes that Essix is trapped on a high balcony. He tries to ask the band to help, but they initially refuse because it’s against the law to stand higher than Lord MacDonnell. The band’s harpist eventually decides to help Rollan, but she’s caught after freeing Essix.

Her punishment: demotion to the kitchens for 10 years, and she has to destroy the harp that her father made her. And Rollan confessing his part in this rather minor crime doesn’t make MacDonnell lift the harpist’s sentence. Instead, he rewards Rollan with a seat next to his children at the banquet!

Naturally, Rollan is pissed.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Finn teaches Abeke and Meilin how to use knotted cord to send secret messages. Conor doesn’t get it because he’s illiterate, and Rollan could care less because he doesn’t have anyone to send messages to.

Glengavin’s motto: “Three undeniable truths: love, death, and the law of Glengavin, know all three well.”

Abeke finally named her cat! Its name is Kunaya.

Conor is the only party member who opts to wear a kilt.

MacDonnell’s kids are named Culloden and Shanna.

MacDonnell’s wife is conspicuously absent.

Choice Quotes!
Rollan hears the band play a song he’s not fond of:

His attention was snagged by the musicians. A singer had joined them and they were singing a song that he knew. It was a street song about the Great Beasts that all the urchins in Concorba could sing in their sleep. The verses went through all the Great Beasts in order, the tune annoyingly monotonous, until by the fifteenth and final Great Beast, most listeners were ready to pummel whoever had decided to start the song in the first place.

Food Porn!
Foodstuffs mentioned in this chapter:

  • Cakes soaked in sugar syrup
  • Butter-glazed potatoes
  • Fruit in cream
  • Oatcakes
  • Sausages
  • Carrot and beef stew

Real-Life Comparisons:
Glengavin is obviously not!Scotland. The kilts and tartans totally give it away.

Title Drop!

Then, on the day Rollan ate his last piece of jerky, they came to Glengavin.


Next time: Meilin goes sleepwalking again.



  1. In my quest to read all your potential review books (or at least a few of them) I got Dorothy Must Die from the library. Enjoyed it thoroughly despite the gore sometimes being a bit much, liked Amy, was less interested in her friends the “wicked” who seemed to keep playing word games and being unsure how evil they really were, and would have respected the author more if she’d found a way to use a canon character as the love interest for her heroine. Or gone with lesbianism if she had to have romance, since Oz has loads of extra cute females around the place.

    1. What I kinda want to have happen in the next book is for the protagonist to hook up with Ozma, who hangs out for the most part in a male disguise. That way we kinda get our lesbian action.

      The “wicked” La Resistance I couldn’t care about, really. Honestly, I was more interested in those crazy cyborg things and how Oz became a magically nuked wasteland.

      I was surprised by the amount of gore in the book. Seriously, it was Borderlands meets Return to Oz, or something.

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