Wild Born, Chapter 19: The Return

Last time on Wild Born, Conor dreamed of a giant boar. Will there be a pig roast in his future? Find out after the cut.

Oceans away, on the far side of Erdas, under a black, impenetrable sky, warm rain drenched a large earthen mound on a barren prairie. Blazing strands of lightning zigzagged across the night, offering brilliant glimpses of the cloud ceiling. In rolling bursts, the roar and crackle of thunder drowned out the patter of the raindrops.

Meanwhile, in not!Australia, a man and a horde of wombats free Gerathon the Serpent.

The end.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
The man is unsure if Gerathon is mind-raping him into freeing her. Spoiler: Gerathon has the ability to possess people. It’s actually really disturbing, and one of the few interesting things in the fourth book.


Next time: First impressions on the next book, Hunted.


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