Wild Born, Chapter 18: The Fallen

Last time on Wild Born, Abeke obtained the Granite Ram and joined the Greencloak party, but Zerif killed Barlow. Will the party accept their newest member? Find out after the cut.

Conor leaned against the highest parapet on Sunset Tower, looking west, a light breeze ruffling his hair. The tower provided a lofty vantage point, but the mountains where they had confronted Arax were too far away to see. Briggan sat beside him, nuzzling his hand.

Not much happens in this chapter. A quick rundown:

  • Barlow was buried with full Greencloak honors.
  • Monte joined the party on the return trip to Sunset Tower to renew his Greencloak vows.
  • Conor learns how to make Briggan assume the passive state.
  • Rollan respects the rest of the party’s decision to join the Greencloaks. However, he decides to just help them recover the rest of the talismans.
  • Conor has been having nightmares about a giant boar … and he hasn’t told anyone until now.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Conor has been trying hard not to think about death after Barlow’s funeral.

Knowing how long it took the party to find Arax, it looks like we’ve missed about a month’s worth of potential character development. Like, how the rest of the party reacts to Abeke joining them. Don’t worry, we’ll get some of that in later books.

Status Update!
Conor learned: Summon Spirit Animal!


Next time: A Big Bad is revealed.


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