Wild Born, Chapter 11: Gar

Last time on Wild Born, Meilin had a Trippy Dream Sequence and got a little closer with Jhi. Will Meilin ever figure out how to use BATTLE PANDA in combat? Find out after the cut.

“Abeke!” Shane called. “Abeke, where are you?”

After a little game of Not Being Seen, Abeke is escorted to the island stronghold’s main room for an audience with some special guests. Zerif is among these guests, and he’s kind enough to introduce Abeke to the two other Very Important strangers: a drooling and possibly senile old woman named Yumaris, and an imposing man bonded to a saltwater crocodile. Our Very Important guests are here to infodump Abeke on their cause. You know the drill…

So who’s the guy with the crocodile?
He’s General Gar.

You might know him by another name: the King of Stetriol.

Stetriol? Never heard of it.
Blame the Greencloaks. They kinda erased all mention of Stetriol from history.

Well, the Devourer came from there.

Wait — wasn’t the Devourer bonded to a saltwater crocodile?
Don’t worry. Saltwater crocodile spirit animals aren’t unheard of in Stetriol.

Is anyone else here from Stetriol?
Shane and Yumaris are.

So, what does Gar think of the Greencloaks?
Gar doesn’t really trust them. With good reason: the Greencloaks tried to eradicate everyone on Stetriol after freeing the nation/continent from the Devourer. Obviously, they didn’t succeed.

But if Gar doesn’t trust the Greencloaks, that means Stetriol doesn’t get Nectar, right?
That’s right. Most Stetriolians with spirit animals suffer from bonding sickness. Shane is one of the lucky few who didn’t.

So what’s Gar’s goal?
Gar just wants to protect his people and make the Nectar free for everyone. The Greencloaks use the Nectar to influence nations, and some of them are dicks and distribute false Nectar. Gar has a plan to end Greencloak control over the Nectar, but it requires the Great Beasts’ talismans.

Why does he need the talismans?
So the Greencloaks don’t get to control them, like they do the Nectar.

So does Gar need Abeke so she can locate Uraza’s talisman?
You forget — the talismans of the Four Fallen were lost after the world war. However, it’d be cool having one of the Four Fallen on Stetriol’s side.

So how is Gar going to find the talismans?
That’s what Yumaris is here for. Yumaris’s spirit animal, an earthworm, gives her prophetic abilities. She’s recently found a talisman in Amaya.

Abeke’s willing to join — but only if Gar isn’t allied with those people experimenting with Bile.
Don’t worry. Gar’s totally aware of them, and he commends their efforts. Anyone trying to find a substitute for the Nectar is cool with him. However, he’s not allied with them because of their unethical testing methods.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Sorry for posting this late! I blame it on watching Guardians of the Galaxy twice in two days.

Abeke thinks there’s something fishy going on when Shane instructs her to recall Uraza for the meeting.

Gar wears an ouroboros crown.

Shane has a sister! Her name is Drina, and she’s out locating the talismans of the Four Fallen. (I bet she’s going to locate all the talismans the Main Characters don’t retrieve over the course of the series. How else are 15 talismans going to be found in 7 books?)

Later on we’re going to learn that Gar and company are the Big Bads. However, I’d like to say that I’m totally on Gar’s side, but I don’t agree with his methods. Seriously, I’d distrust a global organization that tried to exterminate everyone on my continent and erased all mention of it from history. But I wouldn’t try to get my point across by taking over the entire world.

Fun fact: spirit animals can’t be insects. However, earthworms aren’t insects, so it’s totally feasible for Yumaris to be bonded to a BATTLE EARTHWORM.

Real Life Comparisons:
Stetriol is Australia. This is made obvious by Gar’s spirit animal: saltwater crocodiles are common in Australia.

Title Drop!

[Zerif] gave a polite nod. “I told you that we would meet again.” He gestured toward the throne. “May I introduce General Gar, king of the Lost Lands. Sire, meet Abeke, the summoner of Uraza.”


Next time: Everyone not named Abeke visits Boulder, Colorado.



  1. TEH BATTLE WORM ALSO GIVES TRIPPY DREAM SEQUENCES. XD I bet they’ll find the Fallens’ talismans at some point.

    1. I’m going to be *slightly* pissed if they save finding the Four Fallen’s talismans (and those of the imprisoned Great Beasts) for a sequel series. I don’t care enough about these characters to bother recapping anything beyond the last book of this series.

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