Wild Born, Chapter 8: The Island

Last time on Wild Born, everyone not named Abeke went through a basic tutorial. Will they finally get the Epic Infodump that explains everything? Find out after the cut.

TRIGGER WARNING: Unethical animal testing is sorta mentioned. You have been warned.

By the glow of a large yellow moon, Abeke crept along the rooftop behind Uraza, breathing softly. From her high vantage, she could see the lagoon where their ship had docked. The warm, humid air carried the rich smell of jungle foliage, mingled with the salty tang of the sea.

Abeke’s group has arrived at a compound on a not!Caribbean island. For the past few days, Abeke and Uraza have been sneaking off into the jungle. Tonight they decide to explore the far side of the island.

Unfortunately, Abeke finds a disturbing sight on the beach: a group of men experimenting on animals! One of the men forces a rat to drink a strange substance called “Bile” … and the rat grows! The men then do the same thing to a dog, and it enlarges and becomes more aggressive!

The dog then smells Abeke and Uraza in the jungle, escapes from its cage, and gives chase! Abeke and Uraza run away, but are eventually forced to fight the Bile-enhanced dog. They put up a decent fight, but are forced to retreat up into the trees. Luckily, Shane shows up and shoots the dog full of arrows, killing it.

Shane’s then all like, “The men on the beach — I know them!” They’re apparently performing experiments to find a replacement for the Nectar of Ninani, but their ultimate goal is unknown….


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Seafaring ships in Erdas are towed by whales. That’s pretty badass … though I’m not sure if the whales enjoy hauling ships around.

Not all of the men’s experiments with the Bile were successful. The parrot they tested it on died.

The effects of Bile wear off when an animal dies.

The Bile seems to have different effects in each book. More on that later.

Real Life Comparisons:
The Gulf of Amaya is obviously the Gulf of Mexico. This means that the island Abeke is on is probably analogous to the Caribbean islands. Seriously, the naming and maps in this book are lazy.

Title Drop!

According to Shane, they were on an island in the Gulf of Amaya, on the far side of the ocean from Nilo. She had secretly explored part of it on two previous outings, confirming that it was at least a peninsula. Since she had been asleep when the ship made port, tonight she would see for herself that she was truly on an island. Not that she doubted Shane — it just gave her something to do. She had never been on an island before.


Next time: Conor learns a new skill. The party is Epically Infodumped.



  1. I bet that the authors just slapped on similar names because it would be too much work to incorporate history and real cities. XD If you’re going to make a fantasy world, at least don’t rip off this world.

    1. It probably makes things easier for multiple authors to write in a shared universe. But I really wish that they had made a more original fantasy world and tried to create different cultures / histories that didn’t blatantly mirror our own.

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