Wild Born, Chapter 7: Teamwork

Last time on Wild Born, Rollan met some of the other Main Characters, then briefly considered ditching the party. Will he still have second thoughts on joining the Greencloaks? Find out after the cut.

On her way to the training room, almost every single person Meilin passed stared at her. Some covertly, some unashamedly gawking. Conversations stopped in mid-sentence when she came into view, and once she passed, whispers followed her. The few who didn’t stare sent her careful glances or self-conscious waves and nods, which were almost more telling. Rollan was right. The Greencloaks had heavy expectations of her.

“Hey! We already got a training scene with Abeke!” says almost everyone reading this recap. “We don’t need to see the rest of the main characters go through Tutorial Land, too!”

Well, tough.

So Meilin, Conor, and Rollan make their way to the training room, where Tarik and some nameless Greencloaks make them run through some Tutorial Exercises to test their bonds with their spirit animals. Because of course you need yet another freaking tutorial on how spirit animals work.

At least we get some new information on spirit animals: Humans can only borrow their spirit animal’s ability when their animal is summoned. Animals in the dormant tattoo state don’t do shit.

Now that that’s been cleared up, it’s time for Tutorial Exercise 1: How to Find Your Spirit Animal! Everyone’s blindfolded for this exercise. Conor does an awesome job tracking Briggan, and Rollan can generally pick out where Essix is, but Meilin can’t sense Jhi at all. She ends up thinking that this tutorial is BS. Tarik, being a helpful tutor, explains that one needs a strong bond to track their spirit animal. Meilin quickly realizes that she doesn’t respect BATTLE PANDA, so that’s why she can’t sense her.

Now it’s time for Tutorial Exercise 2: Obstacle Course! Each party member has to run toward a wall, jump and touch the highest part of the wall that they can, then run toward a bag hanging from the ceiling and hit it. Meilin’s all like Yes! I can actually succeed at this tutorial! And she manages to do pretty decent — she even gets Jhi to grant her some enhanced agility so she can jump higher. Conor performs the best out of them, though, because Briggan granted him enhanced speed.

Tarik explains to the kids that each of their bonds with their spirit animals is unique, so they’ll get different abilities and activate them in different ways. And to prove this, he summons his spirit animal: Lumeo, an otter. He then runs through the obstacle course and shows off his enhanced speed, agility, and strength. Basically, he proves that no matter how lame-ass your spirit animal is, you can still get awesome battle abilities.

After the tutorial, Meilin returns to her room and forces Jhi to walk with her. Why? Because she’s pissed that BATTLE PANDA can’t do shit.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Conor is illiterate. Everyone got written notes directing them to Tutorial Land, but Conor couldn’t read his and needed to find someone to help him.

Don’t worry. BATTLE PANDA ends up being pretty awesome in a fight. She’s more of a support-type spirit animal.

Hey? What happened to the epic infodump? Well, Olvan still hasn’t finalized his plans for the party, so he postponed it. What a dick.


Next time: Abeke stumbles upon some Unethical Animal Testing in the not!Caribbean.



  1. WHOOT! XD You know we’ve gotta love our BATTLE PANDAH!1!11 Is it wrong I call one of my guyfriend Panda? XD

    1. Hey, baseball player Pablo Sandoval’s nickname is Panda, and I think that’s the most awesome sports nickname ever.

      Actually, this book would be a lot better if Meilin was able to summon Pablo Sandoval. I like my alternate version of Spirit Animals already….

      1. It is a pretty awesomesauce name. Hmm… that would be awkward.

  2. Is it just me, or do Conor and Briggan seem inproportionately issue-free compared to the others? ._. Let me guess who’s going to be the party leader.

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