Jewel Riders, Episode 20: The Wishing Jewel

Last time on Princess Gwenevere / Starla and the Jewel Riders, Gwen saved a beast-man, obtained a Wizard Jewel, and earned a new love interest. Will she have to do the same for all the other Wizard Jewels? Find out after the cut.

What Do We Remember About This Episode?

JW: This is another of those episodes I missed as a kid, but I do remember my brother telling me that there was a sasquatch in it.

Ry: Thunder with wings!  A two-headed bear named “Denny” who wanted to open a pancake joint.

A Quick and Dirty Summary:
The Jewel Riders and Drake are attending the opening of the new craft hall at Cloud Mountain Castle. It is a rather dull affair, but at least our heroes perk up when they hear about a Full Moon Festival going down at the Druid’s Den.

Unfortunately, Gwen and Drake are stuck socializing at the castle until late at night. This is not a Good Thing, because Cloud Mountain Castle is near the Bordermist that surrounds Avalon, and people tend to get lost in it. Predictably, Gwen and Drake get lost in the Bordermist on their way to the Travel Trees, and end up somewhere that’s not Avalon.

This new place is rather screwy: it’s patrolled by sentient clouds that pelt intruders with rain and snow, and populated by talking plants. One of these talking plants is a Jewel Tree, which once possessed some sort of jewel. Unfortunately, said jewel was knocked out of the tree when the Crown Jewels were scattered. Gwen and Drake decide to find the Jewel Tree’s lost jewel.

After asking a bunch of clueless flowers for help and chasing down a sentient patch of clover, Gwen finally finds a magic jewel! And it grants wishes … well, half-wishes. Gwen only gets half a dress, and Drake is too busy staring at her to notice the giant two-headed sasquatch (bear-man?) sneaking up behind him. Drake gets captured, so Gwen, Sunstar, and Thunder have to rescue him.

The party discovers that this new world’s magic is out of control, just like when the Crown Jewels were missing. Gwen thinks that the jewel she found is actually this land’s Crown Jewel. She then remembers that her jewel grants wishes, so she wishes the party to wherever Drake is. Drake’s location, sadly, is in the sasquatch’s cave, where he’s about to be made into … a souffle? Gwen wishes the party out of the cave, but unfortunately the wish only affects her and Sunstar.

Outside the cave, weird magic spike-things start growing everywhere. Gwen realizes that her jewel only does half-wishes, so she double-wishes herself to the sasquatch cave and rescues Drake, even though he’s happily eating pancakes and obviously doesn’t need rescuing.

And it turns out that the sasquatch (whose name is Demi, though I’m not sure which head that name is attached to) actually just wants to open a restaurant / resort, and they thought Drake’s Forest Stone could help them fix their jewel. And what do you know, that jewel is the other half of the jewel Gwen found.

So everyone returns to the Jewel Tree, and after a lot of wishing for defending this new land, the Wishing Jewel is restored. Gwen decides to take the Wishing Jewel to the Jewel Keep, and names this new territory the Eighth Land of Avalon. Yep, that’s right: Gwen just conquered a new country and took their Crown Jewel, because she can. Um … great job?

Stray Observations
* Drake claims that he knows his way around the borderlands … but as we remember in “Wizard’s Peak”, he’s probably not that great at navigating. No wonder he and Gwen got lost.

* Fun fact: Travel Trees don’t grow near the Bordermists.

* Another fun fact: Nobody has been through the Bordermists, or at least returned from them.

* So, um … Cloud Mountain is nowhere near Avalon’s borders. Unless the coast counts as a border, I guess.

* Drake and Gwen defeat the annoying sentient clouds by summoning tennis rackets. I’ll remember that the next time a nor’easter blows through Boston.

* Apparently the Forest Stone can talk to trees. (Was this established earlier?)

* Hey, why didn’t Gwen and Drake summon the Gliders? Well, they tried, but it didn’t work.

* How Drake casts Talk with Trees: I beg of you, oh lovely tree, reveal a sign, your tune (?) to me!

* Above spell has the unintended side effect of making a tree drop an apple on Gwen’s head.

* Let’s see how Gwen fares with Talk with Flowers: Sun Stone, I call on your power: help me talk to a sunflower!

* Hey, the badass music returns … for a badly-animated chase with a sentient clover patch.

* Gwen casts Magic Tracking: Jewel of power, jewel of might, show us the path with your light!

* Thunder gets a lot of lines in this episode.

* Winged Thunder was kinda cool, I guess. Too bad he couldn’t really figure out the whole flying thing.

* This episode makes me wonder if the other Crown Jewels have weird magic powers like the Wishing Jewel does.

* When are we gonna get back to finding Wizard Jewels? Seriously, I think the girls have only found two, and we’re halfway through the season.

* So, I’m kinda ambivalent about this episode. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it, either. It had its moments, I guess. Though it’s kinda weird that Gwen just conquers the Eighth Land and everyone’s cool with it.

Ry’s Comments

* Always nice to see the Jewel Riders attending functions like the opening of a Craft Hall.

* Apparently Avalon has Druids?  And they host dances?

* Between this episode and “Jewel of the Sea” we probably get our best look at the Border Mists.  It’s a really interesting concept (and a convenient way to keep Avalon sealed off from the rest of the world!)

* This is sadly the only episode to really feature Drake this season other than “Fashion Fever.”  I almost think of it as the silly counterpart to “Wizard’s Peak” in S1, what with the Drake and Gwen banter.

* I love how they comment on each others’ spell rhymes.  The actual casting of magic is not well explained in this show, so it’s really nice to see a bit of commentary on it.

* The Eighth Land is ridiculous.  Also, it apparently runs in a totally different time zone?  Drake and Gwen leave Cloud Mountain Castle at night, and it’s bright daylight in the Eighth Land.

* I’ve always wondered how the Eighth Land actually connects to Avalon.  Will everyone have to go through that Wild Magic tunnel, or will it sort of fit into the natural landscape eventually?

* Demi (Denny) running a pancake joint?  I mean really, people.

* WTF would Gwen or Drake actually know about running business anyway?

* Like Jacquesworth, I’m ambivalent about this episode as well.  I like its Gwen and Drake moments and the parts at Cloud Mountain Castle, but everything in the Eighth Land just feels so weird and divorced from the actual show and plot of S2 to be really relevant.  (It’s also never referenced again, so make of that what you will.)

Avalon Connections

* Realms, like the Fairy Realms, Dragon Home, and the Otherworlds, are surrounded by mist. Entering them is generally not a Good Idea, since they occasionally contain portals.

* Kara finds a Wishing Jewel in Dark Mage.

GIFs will be up shortly.

Map Mania!
The Eighth Land obviously isn’t on the map, because it was just discovered. Cloud Mountain, however, is on the map.
cloud mountain map


Next time: “The Jewel of the Sea”, in which the Jewel Riders melt a dragon’s icy heart with a cool island song.



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