Some Avalon Movie News

So the Avalon website updated again, and we got this little tidbit of movie news:

What about some movie news? Everyone wants to know how the movie is different from the books.

About half the movie is from Book 1, Circles in the Stream, half is all brand new stuff. There’s going to be surprises for everyone, even the biggest Avalon fans.

So what new material will be added to the movie? Is it the male mage that was briefly mentioned in the last movie update? Or will it be something else? Speculate all you want in the comments.



  1. Well, better than just adapting the books one by one to screen. That would just be inefficient. Hopefully there will be some good surprises here, but I would really prefer they stick to the original girls; there are enough stories with boys in them. I like Avalon because the cast is mostly female, not in spite of it.

    I was thinking of how I would adapt these books, and considered just using the most interesting parts of the first six books to make a single film, then if it went well make a sequel based on the most interesting parts of the last six books. I would rather make a TV animation that follows the basic storyline more than making a film though.

    1. I’ve always had a hard time imagining the series as a movie (or two). With the amount of material, I think it would work better as a TV series.

      I’m not sure if they’re still adding that new male character in the movie. If they are, I hope it’s just one of the existing characters (maybe Kara’s brother or one of his friends) with a more expanded role.

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