Ry’s Fan Fiction Corner

Hi everyone and welcome to a special episode in self-promotion, featuring Ry!  (I’m the person helping out Jacquesworth with the Jewel Riders recaps if we’re not acquanited.)  In my spare time, I’ve written a few Jewel Riders fics, and wanted to share them with all of you lovely folk here.  I know this blog is not strictly a Jewel Riders endeavor, but given the two series’ intertwining history I thought these might be of interest to some of the readers here.

Heart Stone: A Tale of Tamara

This is the longest of the fics – I started it in 2008, and just recently finished updating it after a successful NaNoWriMo 2013.  This is a Tamara-centric prequel to the main series.

Queen Kale

This is a ‘what-if?’ one-shot based on the idea that Kale inherited the Sun Stone instead of Queen Anya.  It’s based on material found in the S1 episode “Dreamfields.”

The Feast of Saint Valentine

A short Valentine’s Day one-shot featuring Drake and Gwen.  Mostly teeth-rotting fluff.

I would love any feedback or comments you might have.  Cheers!

/end shameless plug. 😀

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