The Crown of Embers, Chapter 11: Stuff Happens

Last time on The Crown of Embers, Elisa uncovered yet another assassination attempt during a dinner party. Why does everyone want her dead? Find out after the cut.

TRIGGER WARNING: Public flagellation! You’ve been warned.

Part 1: Good News, Everyone!

I pace back and forth in my suite, awaiting word from Doctor Enzo. I pray as I pace, begging God to spare Iladro’s life. The Godstone suffuses me with warmth, but I know from long experience that the warmth is only an acknowledgement of my prayers, not an answer.

Elisa learns a number of things after her botched dinner party:

  • Iladro survived the assassination attempt, though he may have stomach pains for the rest of his life.
  • Iladro was poisoned with powdered duerma berries. If you may recall, the leaves of the duerma plant induce sleep, while the berries are poisonous.
  • Duerma berry poison is more potent when mixed with alcohol. That’s why the kitchen didn’t learn about the assassination attempt until later.
  • Felipe’s family didn’t know about his involvement in the assassination attempt, but they were paid off.

Great. The Inviernos want Elisa alive, and someone else obviously wants her dead. Ximena suggests taking Elisa out of Brisadulce – specifically, on an epic quest for the gate of life. And the upcoming royal tour of the kingdom seems like the perfect cover. Elisa orders Hector to bring Storm to the palace tomorrow so she can get more intel out of him.

Part 2: Capital Punishment

The next morning, after eating Mara’s goat-cheese omelet with diced scallions and red peppers, I must face the punishment I ordered. It’s a small consolation that with everyone on the green, Hector may be able to slip the Invierno into the tower unnoticed.

It’s time for Elisa’s kitchen staff to get flogged! Elisa elects to have her staff flogged with a switch (not too weak, not too harsh).

After the flogging is complete, some asshole kid in the crowd spits on one of the maids. Elisa calls him out, then leaves.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Hector hasn’t shaved recently. No, he’s not trying to regrow his badass playoff moustache.

Elisa doesn’t want to run away from her problems. Her reasoning: running away only led her into a loveless marriage, brushes with death, and a very dead husband.

Elisa’s Pimped-Out Outfit for the flogging: gown with wine-red brocade and gold embroidery.

There’s more obvious symbolism with Elisa’s heavy crown during the flogging scene.

There are twelve people on the palace kitchen staff.

The other weapons Elisa could’ve chosen: a rod, a cat-o’-nine-tails, and a steel-tipped whip.

Food Porn!
All the foodstuffs mentioned in this chapter:

  • Goat-cheese omelet with diced scallions and red peppers


Next time: Elisa learns more about the gate of life.


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