Weekend Talk Among Yourselves

Welcome to Weekend Talk Among Yourselves, where I talk about behind-the-scenes stuff and things that have nothing to do about Avalon or whatever I’m recapping, and you can comment with whatever you want.

Here’s what’s happening on my end:

* Apologies for the lack of recaps this week. Had a project due this week for grad school. Argh, I’m gonna be so glad when this quarter is over.

* I finally obtained e-book editions of the first ten Avalon books. Those of you following the Tumblr site probably saw that I was posting images from the books. I’ll be posting full galleries here soon. Readers of the revised print edition, you might find some new images hidden among them!

* I’ve also been slowly revising past recaps to reflect changes made in the e-book editions. Minor revisions have been found, some of which have been noted by commenters. The biggest change I’ve found so far is that Lorelei’s song from Secret of the Unicorn has been replaced with “Friend in You”.



  1. I hope the project goes well!

    Great to hear about you getting the ebooks. Now I need to go back and see what you caught. I need to look at your Tumblr too.

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