Weekend Talk Among Yourselves

Welcome to Weekend Talk Among Yourselves, where I talk about behind-the-scenes stuff and things that have nothing to do about Avalon or whatever I’m recapping, and you can comment with whatever you want.

Here’s what’s happening on my end:

* Yay! Talk Among Yourselves is back! I haven’t posted one because … um … I haven’t had much to talk about. But now I do! I think.

* The shameless plug is back! And good news: I’m almost done writing the damn thing. So no more shameless plugs in a month or so.

* Jewel Riders recaps should start up again next week. I haven’t been able to type up recaps because I’ve been swamped with work for grad school recently.

* I’ve kinda shifted all the fanart / fanfiction posts to the Tumblr site. So if you want the latest Avalon fanworks as soon as I find them, check that out.

* Does anyone have a full set of the Jewel Riders trading cards? I was planning on getting a box of cards sometime this year and making scans of them.

* You know, I was going to do a massive Book Rant for the Divergent series, but then I realized that I didn’t give a shit about the books. Hard to do a quick recap if you don’t care. I will say, though, that WTF IT WAS ALL A SOCIAL / GENETIC ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT THE WHOLE TIME? THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM? AND IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF A US CIVIL WAR 2 OVER GENETIC MODIFICATION? AND GENES DON’T DETERMINE YOUR MORAL VIRTUES! DONE.



  1. I have a full set of cards I could scan for you if that falls through. =) I should scan them anyway, I keep meaning to start a nice Magical Things Archive website of my own, but important video games keep getting in the way.

    I think Divergent and a lot of the YA dystopias lately happen because the author has an awesome vision of a world where thus-and-such is true, realizes how impossible thus-and-such is if the people in her story world are remotely like real people, but goes with it anyway because they like the awesome vision. Not that this is always a bad way of writing a story, just… you’re in danger of having to sew up holes in the worldbuilding and having it look silly. That’s the feeling I get from a lot of books recently anyway.

    As often happens lately, I enjoyed Divergent but felt no drive to pick up the sequels.

    1. Be glad you didn’t get the sequels to Divergent. I don’t remember anything from the second book beyond “stuff happened” and “a coup, maybe?” The third book is where it goes crazy and introduces the “it was genetic engineering all along” and “lol you were in an experiment” and “the US is a hellhole now because Civil War 2”.

      Spoilers: at least the author did the ballsy thing and killed off the protagonist. I liked that part, at least.

      On another note, I have a MASSIVE video game backlog I need to wade through once grad school is done.

      1. Well, you can always recap and rant about video games too! Video games are so nice, they make life fun when life is not fun.

        Good heavens, killed off the protagonist? Points for being different, anyway!

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