The Shadow Cats, Chapter 11: I Learned Something Today

Last time on The Shadow Cats, Elisa and her search party recovered Lupita, Alodia, and Zito. Is the wedding back on? Find out after the cut.

The wedding is delayed for two weeks to give Zito and me some time to recover. Within days, the land begins to bloom again, like new growth forest after a cleansing fire. People call it a miracle.

Whoo! It’s a time skip! Let’s see what happens:

  • Alodia recaps the events of the past several chapters, but leaves out the part about the Perdito / Invierne alliance.
  • Zito gets a new spear from Paxón.
  • Relations between the Khelians and the Isodelites improve. Paxón and Jorán (Calla’s father) share hunting stories, and the soldiers hold friendly practices.
  • Jorán admits that he wants Orovalle to reclaim Isodel.
  • Zito refuses to discuss what the Perditos did to him when he was captured.

Two weeks later, at the wedding, Alodia describes everything that happens to Zito. Alodia then realizes that she learned something today: Elisa can act under pressure. She decides to discuss marriage arrangements for Elisa when she returns home. Zito is proud that Alodia finally found some worth in Elisa, and notes that the two of them can do great things if they work together. Alodia agrees, but only if Zito stays around to advise her. Of course, Zito decides to remain as Alodia’s steward.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
The Khelian guards spread rumors that Perditos are responsible for the blight.

Alodia correctly assumes that the jewel on Lo Chato’s staff is Very Important. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the chance to return to the jungle and recover the staff.

In hindsight, Alodia should’ve mentioned the Perdito / Invierne alliance. Maybe Elisa wouldn’t have been waylaid by enemies on her way to Joya d’Arena, and everyone would’ve expected the Perditos at the siege of Brisadulce.

The guards all think that Elisa used her Chosen One powers to stop the blight. Alodia is totally cool with Elisa getting the credit for something she didn’t do.

Alodia volunteers to foster Lupita when she comes of age.

Elisa was originally going to be married off to a wealthy, but minor, Orovalleno noble. It’s suggested that Alodia is responsible for arranging Elisa’s marriage to Alejandro.

Spoiler: Elisa and Alodia do end up working together towards the very end of the last book in the series.


Next time: first impressions on the next book, The Crown of Embers.

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