The Shadow Cats, Chapter 10: It’s About Time!

Last time on The Shadow Cats, Alodia killed an animagus and stopped the blight, but Zito got blinded. Will they ever return to Khelia? Find out after the cut.

We are nearly to the castle when something rustles through the underbrush ahead. I hear footsteps, and I’m about to yank Zito into a hollow of ferns when I also hear the creak of armor. The Perditos don’t wear armor.

Oh thank god, it’s a small rescue party led by Elisa, Ximena, and Lupita. Apparently Elisa knew that Alodia and Zito went out last night, so she organized a search party. They found Lupita sometime earlier. Now that everyone’s safe and sound (for the most part), the party returns to Khelia. And Alodia is confident that she’ll get all the credit for killing the jaguar and stopping the blight.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Elisa is equipped with a kitchen knife.

Elisa apparently hasn’t learned about the “parties must have 5x people” rule yet. Her rescue party initially consists of herself, Ximena, and four guards.

Elisa only recruited Orovalleno guards for her rescue party because she knew that involving the Khelians or Isodelites would piss off Alodia and ruin her plans.

Even though Elisa is the one who organized the search party, Alodia still thinks she’s lazy and selfish.


Next time: a wedding takes place.


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