The Shadow Cats, Chapter 7: Mini Boss Battle

Last time on The Shadow Cats, Alodia and Zito ventured forth to find Lupita. Will they find her? Find out after the cut.

Zito rolls with the jaguar, striking it with his spear. “Run, Alodia!”

It’s time for a boss battle!

Boss: Espiritu
A jaguar terrorizing the people of Khelia.
Attacks: It’s just a freaking jaguar. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

A wild JAGUAR appears!



ALODIA tried to escape, but can’t! She gets hurt from the attempt!

JAGUAR uses POUNCE! ALODIA evades the attack!

ALODIA uses THROW SCABBARD! It’s not very effective…


ALODIA uses STAB! It’s super effective!

JAGUAR fainted died!

After stabbing the shit out of the jaguar, Alodia and Zito cut open the jaguar’s body to see what it last ate. Thankfully, it hadn’t eaten any little girls recently. However, it was wounded sometime before the boss battle, since Zito finds an arrowhead in the jaguar’s haunch. Zito guesses that the jaguar hid in the castle’s garden after it was shot.

Unfortunately, the arrowhead is of Invierno make. And to make matters worse, Alodia hears someone approaching, and they’re also looking for the jaguar and the arrowhead….


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
The jaguar mostly focused its attack on Alodia because she hurt her ankle during her escape attempt.


Next time: Alodia finally finds Lupita.


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