The Shadow Cats, Prologue: A Preview of Things to Come

Is it appropriate for a “last time on Fire and Thorns” section here? I mean, this is a prequel, so technically nothing has happened yet. Whatever. Check out the recap after the cut.

Note: I’m trying out a slightly new format for my recaps of this novella. Expect more quotes!

I crouch hidden among the boulders, my body broken and bloodied. Below me, someone is about to murder my best friend, the one person who understands me.

Oh, hello there, cold open!

The nice thing about cold openings is that it puts you right in the action. The problem with this one is that we have no idea who any of these people are! Why is the narrator injured? Who is her friend, and who is trying to kill him/her? Why am I automatically assuming that our narrator is female?

Anyway, our nameless narrator has a serious dilemma: she could die trying to save her friend, or she could do nothing and let her friend die. In the end, she decides to pick up a rock and advance toward her friend’s attacker.


OK, Can Someone Explain What’s Going On?
I can’t give you too many details, since it’s kinda spoilers for later in the book. What I can tell you is that the narrator is Alodia, Elisa’s sister, and her friend is Zito, her steward.


Next time: Alodia and Elisa go to a wedding.

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