The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Chapter 33: The Righteous Right Hand of God

Last time on The Girl of Fire and Thorns, the Inviernos arrived and burned down Brisadulce’s main gate, and Elisa experimented with casting spells and recovered her Godstones from Ariña’s quarters. Will these preparations be enough for her to fight the boss in this chapter? Find out after the cut.

TRIGGER WARNING: There’s torture, burning, character death, and a video clip of that face-melting scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. You’ve been warned.

[ELISA and ROSARIO return to Elisa’s suite.]

Elisa: We’re going to have to leave soon, Rosario. And that means we might have to leave Mara and your father behind.

[ALEJANDRO enters.]

Alejandro: The Inviernos breached the gate after casting Fireball twice. They’re gonna be here soon. What do we do?

Elisa: We’re gonna escape through the secret sewer tunnels once Mara returns from her supply run. And we’re bringing Rosario with us.

Alejandro: But he’s too young to go down in the sewers!

Ximena: I’ll stay behind and hold the Inviernos off while you escape.

Elisa: No! I won’t let you!

[ELISA enters the bathing atrium to gather supplies. Her Godstone reacts to the Very Important tiles.]

Elisa: (Aside) Hey … those tiles look like that ugly-ass Very Important amulet, if it had Godstones set in it.

[ARIÑA and three ANIMAGI enter Elisa’s suite. The ANIMAGI cast Shield on everyone in the suite.]

Animagus: Tell us where the Chosen One is, or else we’ll cast Fireball on you.

Elisa: (Aside) That bitch Ariña betrayed me! But first things first – time to put these Godstones into this Very Important amulet.

[ELISA removes the Godstone from The Cat’s amulet and sets it in Roldán’s amulet.]

Mara: I am the Chosen One.

Animagus: You’re not the Chosen One. You don’t bear the mark of sorcery!

[ELISA enters her suite and tries to get ROSARIO’S attention. ARIÑA has been killed by the ANIMAGI. ALEJANDRO stares at her body.]

Elisa: No, I’m the Chosen One. I bear the mark of sorcery. Let my friends go, and maybe I’ll let you live.

Animagus: We’re not scared of you.

Elisa: You should be. I have a living Godstone. And I’m totally going to take yours.

[ELISA signals to ROSARIO to give her the other Godstones.]

Animagus: I don’t think you’re taking our Godstones. You didn’t cast Fireball on us.

Elisa: Well, I was waiting until I got more Godstones. Oh, remember your buddy, The Cat? I killed him by casting Fireball.

[ANIMAGI cast Fireball on MARA. ELISA gets the other Godstones from ROSARIO and sets them in Roldán’s amulet. The amulet does nothing.]

Elisa: Okay, you’ve made your point! I’ll give you my Godstone. (Aside) Why isn’t the amulet working?

[HECTOR and JOYAN SOLDIERS enter Elisa’s suite. The ANIMAGI take ALEJANDRO, XIMENA, and MARA as human shields.]

Hector: Release the hostages!

[ELISA holds the amulet to her chest. Her Godstone finally reacts.]

Elisa: (Aside) Oh yeah! Five is an important number! The amulet needs five Godstones! And there’s a setting in the back for the stone in my navel!

[ELISA sets the amulet on her navel. An ANIMAGUS releases XIMENA and charges toward ELISA.]

Alejandro: Don’t you dare hurt her!

[ALEJANDRO totally stabs the ANIMAGUS in the back, killing him. The surviving ANIMAGI cast Fireball on ALEJANDRO. The amulet spins, producing a massive ball of energy.]

Elisa: I am the righteous right hand of God! And I will not waver!

[ELISA throws the ball of energy at the ANIMAGI. And then this happens to them:]


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Want to know why Rosario is immune to Shield? Well, he was carrying Godstones. I guess Godstones make anyone who equips them resistant to magic.

It’s Translation Time!
We get one last phrase in Lengua Classica! Here is the text from the book:

“Né es ella.” (It’s not her.)

And here’s the same phrase in Portuguese:

“Não é ela.”

So now we know another rule:

  • é => es (when in isolation)

And we also know that Lengua Classica uses Spanish “ella” instead of Portuguese “ela”.

Unfortunately, this also means that I mistranslated Elisa’s badass taunt from earlier in the book. Argh!

Advanced Translation Time!
Here’s the last part of Elisa’s badass taunt from this chapter, translated into Lengua Classica:

Sou lo mé dereito justo de Deus! E né. Vou. Vacilar.


Next time: Alejandro makes a confession. Hector tenders his resignation. Elisa hosts a Star Wars-esque award ceremony.


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