Jewel Riders, Episode 15: Shadowsong

Last time on Princess Gwenevere / Starla and the Jewel Riders, the Jewel Riders and Kale failed to retrieve a book on the Wizard Jewels from the Hall of Wizards. Who will collect all the Wizard Jewels first? Find out after the cut.

What Do We Remember About This Episode?

JW: Tamara finally gets a mount!

Ry:  Really bad animation!  Tamara has a Disney Princess moment in the forest!

A Quick and Dirty Summary:
While the Jewel Riders are helping Anya scan maps in the Crystal Palace, Tamara receives a mysterious distress call. The girls head out into the Wild Magic, but are separated after a blast of magic knocks them into separate portals.

Gwen, Fallon, and Archie land in a frozen world with three suns. When they attempt to open a portal to the Wild Magic, they discover that something is absorbing their magic. The girls’ search leads them to a hidden wizard’s lair and a very obvious trap door. Beneath that trap door is a chamber full of magic-collecting crystals! And wouldn’t you know, Morgana shows up and reveals that the crystals in the room will absorb all the Enchanted Jewels’ magic and transfer it to her!

Luckily, Archie reasons that the girls can re-tune the crystals and get their magic back. Just one problem: in order to do this, the girls have to use their jewels, and the crystals will absorb their magic during each attempt.

Meanwhile, Tamara finds herself in some African savanna-type place, where she finds a unicorn caught in a giant spider’s web. She frees the unicorn, but it creates a portal and runs off. Tamara spends most of her time singing to the native animals until she’s caught by the giant spider from earlier. The unicorn returns and fights the spider, giving Tamara enough time to Polymorph the spider into a butterfly.

Tamara discovers that the unicorn actually has pink-and-purple zebra stripes! She bathes the unicorn, and names it Shadowsong, since she heard it singing in the shadows. After that little bonding moment, the two ride off to a unicorn herd. Shadowsong refuses to join the other unicorns because he looks different, but Tamara assures him that real friends don’t care what he looks like.

Tamara then attempts to return to the Wild Magic, with Shadowsong’s help. The portal they create summons the Gliders, who just returned from the crystal chamber that the rest of the Jewel Riders are trapped in. Tamara tells Shadowsong to stay behind, but he insists on coming.

So Tamara and Shadowsong arrive in the crystal chamber and re-tune the magic-collecting crystals, releasing all the magic. Shadowsong absorbs all the magic and fires it back at the Jewel Riders’ jewels, recharging them. And then everything’s back to normal … except Shadowsong is dead. Tamara laments that her Heart Stone only brings pain, and her jewel breaks in two.

But then Shadowsong gets better, and the Heart Stone is restored. And now Shadowsong can talk with Tamara! Merlin conveniently shows up to explain that Tamara couldn’t talk to Shadowsong earlier because she didn’t trust her heart, or something. The girls all promise to return Merlin to Avalon soon.

Back in Avalon, Shadowsong tells Tamara that he can’t stay with her, but he’ll come when summoned. Why doesn’t he stay in Avalon like the other mounts? I don’t know.

Stray Observations
* The Moon Stone can now store images from the map in the Jewel Keep.

* Archie agrees with most of the fandom: the Gliders are effing annoying.

* How Tamara casts Call Lightning: “Jewel of hope, jewel of healing, help me with your strength and feeling. You give to me the sound of wonder. Give me now the sound of thunder!”

* Apparently cold doesn’t bother unicorns.  (Ry: Established in “Wizard’s Peak” by Sunstar)

* I totally forgot about the song Tamara sings to the animals in this episode. I think it’s called “Nothing Like a Friend”.

* Okay, Tamara, you don’t just eat random apples on the ground. That’s solo adventuring 101.

* I love that frozen world with the Tower of Glass! These new locations are hella amazing.

* Fun fact: in Arthurian lore, Merlin was trapped in a tower of glass. I bet the location is a reference.

* How Tamara casts Polymorph Other: “Heart to Heart Stone, sing this song: let the beauty of music right this wrong!”

* Confirmed that Tamara’s Heart Stone allows her to speak with all magical animals.

* Okay, Ry was right last week — one of the Gliders’ names is Nubbin, not Muffin. Yes, my hearing sucks.

* Ever wonder how the girls travel to the Wild Magic? Well, they use Enchanted Jewel Circles.

* This week’s PSA: Always follow your heart, and it will lead you down the right path.

* I don’t like Shadowsong’s voice. So … not charismatic. I LIKED YOU BETTER WHEN YOU WERE MUTE.

Ry’s Comments
* This episode has always been kind of disappointing to me.  The separate elements are all good: Tamara getting her own mount, the business with the Cave of Glass, etc.  But somehow the episode just doesn’t gel together well for me.

* First (and only) time seeing a Jewel Rider and their mount having different genders, though!

* Even as a kid, I never liked that they stole Shadow’s (Max’s wolf) name and gave it to this unicorn.  Further proof that the Pack was completely forgotten in S2.

* Shadowsong is the only unicorn we ever saw who uses their horn like an Enchanted Jewel.  It begs the question if he is the only one who can, or all zebracorns, or all unicorns?  Tamara seems surprised that he can use it like he does, so I’m guessing not all unicorns have this ability.

* Always loved the Cave of Glass!

* What caused the Heart Stone to break, exactly?  Was it just undergoing mitosis in order to give half to Shadowsong?

* Totally 90s talk: “These magic glider wings are way cool.”  I die a little inside every time I hear that line.

* First time Merlin shows up this season!  He doesn’t show up like clockwork this season after jewel collecting, though.

Avalon Connections
* The party combines a number of fairy and warlock maps to make a comprehensive map of the Magic Web. Also, the manor library contains a map of the Magic Web like the one in the Jewel Keep.

* “Magic calls to magic” is one of the major laws of magic in the Avalon universe.

* Ozzie has the ability to reproduce and throw noises.

* The Dark Sorceress created massive crystals and trapped a variety of magical animals in them in order to collect their magic. Unlike the ones in Jewel Riders, her destroyed crystals create magical radioactive fallout.

* Kara bonds with Starfire after naming him.

* Almost everything that happens between Tamara and Shadowsong in this episode also happens to Emily and Indi in Heart of Avalon — most notably, the part where Indi absorbs the poisoned water elemental magic and “dies,” and the Heart of Avalon breaks in half.

* Indi looks exactly like Shadowsong.

* Merlin’s PSA is part of the Generic Fantasy Prophecy.

GIFs will be up shortly.

Map Mania!
The Tower of Glass and Shadowsong’s home don’t make it on the map, sadly.


Next time: “Fashion Fever”, in which Gwen is possessed by high fashion.



  1. I’m not sure about Shadowsong’s personality (mostly because I don’t remember him that well) but I love his design. The stripes! The tufty zebra tail! The colors! The horn that looks like cut crystal! Maybe that’s why he uses his horn like a jewel– it is one? Sunstar and Moondance seem to have opaque horns that my fanvision sees as being softly iridescent like seashells instead of crystalline.

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