The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Chapter 32: Final Preparations

Last time on The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Rosario contributed to the war effort, refugees and reinforcements arrived at Brisadulce, Nicandro revealed the provenance of the Very Important tiles in Elisa’s bath, and the Perditos besieged Brisadulce. Will Elisa figure out why the tiles are Very Important? And will Rosario find the Godstones in time for the upcoming boss battle? Find out after the cut.

TRIGGER WARNING: There is a very bloody mass human sacrifice! You have been warned.

Part 1: Crap.
So the Inviernos came. Elisa starts getting Danger Sense overload, but she remedies it by praying a lot.

Part 2: So That’s How You Cast Fireball!
The next morning, after the Joyan forces soak the gate with water, the animagi attack by casting Fireball at the gate. And by “casting Fireball,” I mean that each of the five animagi slit the throats of five of their own men, then shoot fire from their Godstone amulets. Of course, the gate holds … for now. Elisa knows that the animagi will only sacrifice even more of their troops in order to cast Fireball again.

Hector convinces Elisa to leave the front lines and to prepare to escape through the palace’s secret tunnels in case shit hits the fan. He also plans on telling Alejandro to leave the front because, let’s face it, he’s not that great out there.

Elisa decides to make a stop at the monastery first to talk with Nicandro. Once there, Nicandro laments that none of the civilians showed up at the monastery. Elisa assures him that they’ll come when things get worse. After a brief recap of what happened at the gates that morning, Elisa tells Nicandro that she wants to experiment with casting spells.

Part 3: No, Seriously, How Do I Do Magic?
Alone in the monastery’s garden, Elisa attempts to cast spells under Nicandro’s supervision. They say prayers and go through the sacrament of pain, but nothing happens. Nicandro wonders if Elisa needs even more blood in order to cast spells, and voices his theory about how the Generic Fantasy Prophecy refers to all Chosen Ones collectively again.

Part 4: What’s a Period?
Elisa returns to her suite, all depressed because she can’t cast spells. She really wants to contribute to the war effort, and she doesn’t want to be yet another failed Chosen One.

After a brief recap of everything that’s happened so far to Mara, Ximena, and Rosario, Elisa realizes that she can still save the Joyan royal family. She orders Mara to raid the kitchens for supplies while she starts to pack stuff for a long journey. Rosario, ever the observant child, realizes that Elisa is preparing for a trip, and insists on staying until he finds the Godstones. He’s dug through every single pot in the palace except for those in Ariña’s suite, and that’s because Ariña’s been keeping people out due to her “monthly courses”. Rosario’s only six years old, and he has no idea what periods are, so of course he asks Elisa for an explanation.

Elisa manages to dodge explaining what a menstrual cycle is, and decides to visit Ariña’s suite with Rosario in tow.

Part 5: Riding Out the Siege in Style
Ariña has the right idea: she’s hanging out in her suite in a Pimped-Out Nightgown, drunk off her ass on wine.

Elisa has Rosario use Ariña’s restroom, and by that I mean “dig through all of Ariña’s potted plants.” She distracts Ariña by talking to her. Luckily, they have a very convenient conversation topic: the ugly-ass Very Important amulet that Elisa looted from Treviño several chapters ago. It turns out that the amulet was the first piece made by Roldán, a Chosen One who was also a jeweler.

Elisa realizes that Nicandro’s theory about the Generic Fantasy Prophecy may be right – maybe all these Very Important objects, when put together, will help her complete the act of service! And right at that moment, Rosario shows up with the Godstones Elisa needs for the upcoming boss battle. And not a moment too soon, because Ariña finally realized that someone was rooting through her plants, and the Inviernos finally breached the main gates.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Ariña laments that Alejandro hasn’t spoken a word to her since Elisa returned to Brisadulce.




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