The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Chapter 29: A Lackluster Return

Last time on The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Hector came to Elisa’s rescue, and the Inviernos started to march on Joya d’Arena. Will Elisa make it back to Brisadulce in time for the upcoming boss battle? Find out after the cut.

Part 1: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Elisa has a choice: she can stay in the hill country and continue to lead the Malficio, or she can return to Brisadulce. Cosmé convinces her to leave for Brisadulce so that the Inviernos don’t get her Godstone.

So three parties are formed the next day. Cosmé and Jacián remain in Basajuan to oversee the evacuation and attack the Inviernos’ rear; Carlo returns to the hidden village to recap everything that happened; and Elisa, Hector, Ximena, Mara, and Benito all head for Brisadulce. And if you’re wondering why Mara and Benito are with the latter party, it’s because Elisa made Mara her new lady-in-waiting, and Hector offered Benito a position with the Royal Guards.

Part 2: Um, My Eyes Are Up Here
After a month of traveling, Elisa’s party finally reaches Brisadulce. Hector gives Elisa the choice of entering through the main gate or the merchants’ gate. Elisa decides on the not-as-conspicuous merchants’ gate so she can check out Brisadulce’s defenses. And by “defenses”, I mean that there are hidden trenches before the city walls, the buildings closest to the city walls are abandoned, and there’s scaffolding behind the walls for archers to hang out on.

Hector discreetly leads Elisa’s party onto the palace grounds, and gives Elisa, Mara, and Ximena a room in the servants’ quarters because Alejandro doesn’t know they’re coming. Elisa plans on introducing herself as the leader of the Malficio so she can surprise Alejandro. Unfortunately, Alejandro doesn’t hold court until tomorrow, so the party has to wait a day before their grand entrance.

The next day, Elisa gets dressed in a Pimped-Out Outfit that she initially thinks is too small for her. After all her adventures and weight-loss in the desert, the dress fits quite well, and accentuates her … um … assets. The party then enters the audience hall and approaches Alejandro. Unfortunately, Alejandro doesn’t recognize Elisa at all, and is obviously too distracted by her … um … feminine qualities. Luckily, Rosario immediately recognizes Elisa, which prompts Alejandro to finally take notice of his long-absent wife. Alejandro then dismisses the court on account of Elisa’s return.

Part 3: Well, This Is Inconvenient
After what is probably a very lengthy recap of everything that happened during the last 15 chapters, Alejandro finally drops Elisa and the rest of the party off at Elisa’s old suite. Once there, Elisa orders Ximena and Mara to look for the dead Godstones she buried in a potted plant earlier in the book. Unfortunately, someone took all but one of the potted plants that used to be in Elisa’s room, and the one plant that remains doesn’t have the Godstones. It turns out that potted plants became very popular during Elisa’s absence, and everyone decorated their rooms and halls with them. Obviously, someone raided Elisa’s room for plants of their very own.

This sucks for Elisa, because if she can’t find those dead Godstones, the Inviernos will totally win the war.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
This is the start of Part 3, in which Elisa returns to Brisadulce (obviously) and fights off an invading force.

Elisa has been away from Brisadulce for five months.

Hey, remember Aneaxi? She’s buried next to the road that leads to Orovalle.

Ximena threw out Elisa’s totally ruined pimped-out leather armor during the trip to Brisadulce.

Elisa’s Pimped-Out Outfit: a black wool broadcloth riding skirt, and a forest green corset and vest with black buttons and trim.


Next time: Elisa has dinner with Alejandro, and is officially recognized as queen. Cosmé sends a letter.


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