Jewel Riders, Episode 11: Dreamfields

Last time on Princess Gwenevere / Starla and the Jewel Riders, Drake tried to use a magic talking sword to get a date with Gwen, and got a lot more than he bargained for. Will bad stuff ever stop happening to Drake? Find out after the cut.

What Do We Remember About This Episode?

JW: Lots of crazy dream stuff! A random shopping mall!

Ry: Drake and Tamara on a date!  Gwen playing mind games with Drake!  Gwen working as a mall clerk!  Kale as a pretty good queen!

A Quick and Dirty Summary:
The writers realized that a) Gwen needs some character development, and b) there’s still two more Crown Jewels to find. So they finally decided to combine the two!

It’s time for the Harvesting Party! Drake is going out with Tamara, and Gwen is stuck on a date with Lord Batton. Batton makes the excellent point that, hey, the Jewel Riders should be looking for those stupid Crown Jewels! But Gwen’s all like, “We can’t find the Crown Jewels unless we hear reports on Wild Magic outbreaks!” So, um, I guess that’s why we’ve been having character development episodes.

Anyway, Gwen gets tired of hanging out with Lord Batton, so she and Sunstar ditch the party. The two suddenly find themselves in a castle besieged by a dragon that looks a lot more like a T-Rex. Gwen’s Sun Stone doesn’t work for some reason, but not to worry! Drake shows up on a horse and saves them by poking the dragon in the butt. Because that’s what you do to get rid of giant talking dragons that wear denim vests.

And then it all turns out to be a dream! Gwen did enjoy being rescued by Drake, so she has Sunstar return to the party to fetch him so he can “rescue” her. This doesn’t go as planned, because Drake doesn’t fall for it.

Meanwhile, Gwen finds herself in a shopping mall, because I guess shopping malls exist in Avalon for some reason. Gwen goes on a shopping spree, but is distracted by a) a portrait of her married to Drake, and b) Anya explaining that the Dreamfields can help people find what they’re looking for. And then Anya turns into Kale and manipulates the dream so that she ends up purchasing the Jewel of the Dreamfields and Merlin’s jewel box at a grocery store.

Gwen wakes up from that nightmare, but soon walks into another one! This time, she’s in the Friendship Circle, and Merlin tells her that it’s time to pass the Sun Stone on to a new potential Jewel Rider. That potential Jewel Rider is actually a younger Kale. Kale and Gwen end up switching jewels, which also does weird things to their personalities. Kale becomes all compassionate, and Gwen becomes power-hungry.

Meanwhile, the other Jewel Riders finally notice that Gwen is missing, so Moondance tries to locate her and Sunstar.

And we’re back to the dream! Kale has the excellent idea to combine the powers of the Sun Stone and Dark Stone to find the Jewel of the Dreamfields. This works amazingly: the jewel is summoned, but it’s always just out of their reach. Gwen starts becoming mad with power, but Sunstar and the other Jewel Riders snap her out of it.

And then the dream is over … but Kale is still in the Dreamfields, and there’s still a Crown Jewel to locate. So the Jewel Riders create an Enchanted Jewel Circle and create a dream version of the Friendship Circle. Kale ends up being a lot better at this reality warping stuff, because she changes the setting to Castle Thornwood. Then the Jewel of the Dreamfields appears — but when Kale touches it, it turns into flowers, and suddenly … it’s a wedding party?

Everyone dances! Drake proposes to Gwen and admits that he wants to prove himself to her! And the engagement ring turns into the Jewel of the Dreamfields and flies over to Kale! And then Kale refuses to take the jewel, claiming that it’s out of her reach. Gwen returns the Crown Jewel to the jewel box, and Merlin shows up with the PSA of the day: If you have love in your heart, you can accomplish your dreams.

Back in the real world, Gwen tells Kale that she may still have good inside of her. Kale denies this and just flies off in her Dragon Wagon. Then the Jewel Riders discover that they were experiencing Drake’s dream at the end, which Gwen thinks is kind of sweet. But then Lord Batton arrives, and the girls all pile on top of him.

Stray Observations
* This has always been one of my favorite episodes, since Gwen gets some serious character development. The whole dreams-versus-reality stuff helps, too.

* Okay, why is there a hoedown and square dancing in Avalon?

* A rather funny exchange between Gwen and Lord Batton:
“Gwen, this dancing is so square.”
“That’s because it’s a square dance.”
“Oh, Gwen, how clever. A square dance.”

* Gwen has a new Pimped-Out Outfit for this episode. I think it was used for her Sun Power action figure. It’s my favorite outfit of hers, and I wish she wore it more often.

* Why do a shopping mall and a grocery store exist in this setting?

* A really bitchy line from Sunstar: “Gwen is the princess of Avalon! It doesn’t matter what she breaks!” This in response to Drake’s refusal to “rescue” Gwen.

* This episode suggests that the Enchanted Jewels have some effect on the characters’ behavior, as evidenced by Gwen’s and Kale’s jewel swap. Though it could just be because they’re in the Dreamfields.

* Kale — when “good” — claims that the Enchanted Jewels are “gifts that keep Avalon beautiful.” So basically the Jewel Riders are glorified park rangers.

* Oh, and Kale can use the Sun Stone in the Dreamfields, even though it’s tuned to Gwen.

* Ever notice that Fallon and Tamara are dancing with each other in the dream wedding? Let the slash fic commence!

* My favorite part of the episode as a kid was when Kale refused to take the Jewel of the Dreamfields, even when it was in her reach. I always thought it meant that Kale could be redeemed. Crazy theory: if the jewels do influence their owners’ personalities, then maybe Kale really is a nice person when she doesn’t have the Dark Stone.  (Ry note: Don’t forget Gwen’s line from “Jewel Quest”: “The Sun Stone could never work for someone who’s heart is so cold and cruel.”  So maybe the jewels amplify existing personality traits?)

Ry’s Comments

* Also one of my favorite episodes!  There’s good Gwen/Drake, Gwen/Batton, Tamara/Drake material, and both Gwen and Kale get some good development.

* One of the few times in the show where Gwen and Kale actually exchange ideas instead of being protagonist/antagonist.

* Gwen’s outfit was indeed used on the “Sun Power Gwenevere” doll, one of the rarer dolls in the assortment.

* I always wondered why the dragon that Gwen dreams looks so weird and unlike Grimm.  Also: it wears a vest and has a blinged-out bellybutton jewel.

* Actually, the armor that Dream!Drake wears is pretty cool.

* Gwen working behind the register ringing up Kale is a priceless image.

* I think this is the only time we ever see Drake wearing that formal outfit.   Too bad – it goes with the girls’ outfits very well!  (Bonus: Repeat performances of Tamara and Fallon’s outfits from Love Struck.)

* Drake, your ring looks like it came out of a Cracker Jack box.

* Can I say just how much I love Kale’s line “It’s…out of my reach.” at the end?  This, plus the glimpses of her as a good queen.  It’s probably the best development she gets in the entire series.

Avalon Connections
* The concept of “Dreamfields” shows up in Ghost Wolf, in which Adriane navigates different dream states to reach the Spirit Trail.

* The shopping mall and its special sale show up in Dark Mage.

* Gwen’s realization that she can use magic to get what she wants, and her complaints about how everyone tells her what to do, are all made by Kara at various points throughout the entire series.

All GIFs are from frequent commenter Robert.

Map Mania!
The Dreamfields are in the Great Plains:


Next time: “Revenge of the Dark Stone,” in which Kale learns that the Crystal Palace has crappy security.



  1. “And the engagement ring turns into the Jewel of the Dreamfields and flies over to Kale! And then Kale refuses to take the jewel, claiming that it’s out of her reach.”

    When you think about it that way, after all the (continued) friend-zoning by the allies, Drake might now also get foe-zoned by the enemy.

    (Spoiler: The series ends with Drake on a good way to become a WIZARD apprentice: so to speak.)

    “Ever notice that Fallon and Tamara are dancing with each other in the dream wedding? Let the slash fic commence!”


    “maybe Kale really is a nice person when she doesn’t have the Dark Stone.”

    Maybe as a child (and they showed as a teenager), certainly not now. Don’t forget her background story, that they forgot to include in the show itself. (Also apparently she wore the same outfit all the time.)

    You guys loved this scene, but people on YT apparently disagreed in the featured comments.

    Want anything in particular from the next episode? Which might be probably my favorite episode.

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