Weekend Talk Among Yourselves

Welcome to Weekend Talk Among Yourselves, where I talk about behind-the-scenes stuff and things that have nothing to do about Avalon or whatever I’m recapping, and you can comment with whatever you want.

Here’s what’s happening on my end:

* Blah blah shameless plug blah blah.

* This week sucked. Lesson learned: Don’t piss off bureaucrats, or they will make your life hell. The good news is that I get more time to work on this blog for the next four months, though.

* Just a heads up: expect a very gory recap in about two or three weeks. I’m definitely posting a Red Wedding clip to illustrate something rather spoilery. This is your advance warning.

Got anything you want to talk about? Post it in the comments!


  1. What happened? Is everything okay with school D:

    My super awful aunt is over. We’ve been fighting about the “Christian Values” that Canada was built on (She thinks that God should be reintegrated into school and state. I definitely won the argument, though, as I know much more about the life of Canada, as well as Christianity than she does). She also wants me to join a cult. It is archaic and sexist and if it’s any consolation (probably not), my bad week has just begun.

    And I’m being super lazy about my reading. I have to finish a novel and write an essay on it in about a week, so I’m sorry that I still haven’t read your story ):

    1. Let’s just say that I’m taking a semester off from grad school because reasons. I don’t want to go into details here.

      Your aunt kinda sounds like my mum, except she tries to make me go to church every time I see or call her. I feel for you.

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