The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Chapter 21: The Will of God

Last time on The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Elisa was captured by Inviernos and discovered that the animagi use Godstones to cast spells. How did the Inviernos obtain Godstones? Will Elisa escape from the enemy camp? Find out after the cut.

Oh crap. Invierno animagi possess Godstones, and they use them to cast spells. Where did the Cat get his Godstone? Did he steal it from a dead Chosen One? Or did he cut it out of his own body? If the latter is true, does that mean that there were Invierno Chosen Ones? How could God let the enemy be born with Godstones?

That’s Elisa’s train of thought when she discovers the secret behind the animagi’s power. She doesn’t spend too much time thinking about it, though, because the Cat leaves to get dinner.

Now Elisa has the perfect opportunity to figure out how to escape! She could always stab the Cat, but she has bad memories about stabbing the shit out of a Perdito earlier. Luckily for Elisa, she finds a wilted duerma plant in the tent, complete with berries. And if you recall, duerma berries are poisonous. So Elisa picks the berries, crushes them, and drops them inside the Cat’s wineskin before he returns.

The Cat then returns with food for both himself and Elisa. After a very messy eating display, the Cat starts interrogating Elisa – in Spanish Lengua Plebeya, conveniently. Luckily, his first request is to tell him everything, so Elisa takes the opportunity to ask the Cat about his amulet. The Cat is very kind enough to explain that he and the other animagi will use their Godstones to conquer Joya d’Arena because it’s God’s will.

Elisa gets irritated because everyone has a different interpretation of God’s will. Her family kept her ignorant of the Generic Fantasy Prophecy because of God’s will. She has to perform some unknown act of service because it’s God’s will. She was kidnapped by Cosmé because the hill people think she’ll save them from the Inviernos. And now we have the Inviernos who claim that conquering Joya d’Arena is God’s will. What exactly is the will of God? Elisa doesn’t know, and she’s tired of everyone else’s conflicting opinions.

The Cat then asks Elisa why she was spying on the Invierno camp. Elisa claims that Treviño sent her, but the Cat doesn’t believe her. Apparently Treviño is an idiot, but he’s not stupid enough to send a girl who sucks at adventuring on a reconnaissance mission. Since the Cat isn’t getting the answers he wants, he cuts open Elisa’s arm with his claws. Yes, that’s right, animagi have claws embedded in their fingers. Anyway, the Cat tries to force the truth out of Elisa with magic. And by “force”, I mean “cast Fireball”.

Now, here’s where we learn something interesting about how magic works: for spells like Fireball, animagi need to pour blood on the ground in order to activate their Godstones. The stones react somehow to the blood being absorbed by the earth. Elisa’s blood apparently makes the Cat’s Godstone shine almost immediately.

Luckily for Elisa, the Cat drank some of the poisoned wine earlier, and it’s starting to take effect! He suddenly goes blind, slips back into his native tongue, and quickly realizes that he’s been poisoned. He then tries to cast Fireball on Elisa … and it has absolutely no effect! Right before passing out, the Cat asks Elisa what the hell is going on.

Elisa, being a badass, tells the Cat in Lengua Classica that he couldn’t cast Fireball on her because it wasn’t the will of God.

Whoo! Elisa beat her first boss on her own! Now she has to get the hell out of the camp. So she loots the Cat’s robes and amulet for a quick disguise, cuts off his braid, then sets the tent on fire before leaving. She then walks out of the camp without anyone noticing her.

However, Elisa notices someone familiar in the camp before she leaves. At the edge of the camp, she finds Belén eating with some Invierno soldiers, and it’s obvious that he’s not their prisoner.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
The Cat hates talking in Lengua Plebeya because he thinks it’s a dirty barbarian language.

So, how messily does the Cat eat? Well, he eats like a wild dog – literally! He just gobbles up his dinner and doesn’t bother to use utensils. Animagi must take the “animal” part of their title seriously.

Advanced Translation Time!
So, I was really bored and translated all of the Cat’s dialogue in this chapter into pseudo-Portuguese Lengua Classica. But in the interest of saving space, I’m just posting Elisa’s badass taunt instead:

Porque né la vontade de Deus.

Food Porn!
All the foodstuffs mentioned in this chapter:

  • Venison with basil and garlic


Next time: Elisa regrets not looting anything else from the camp.



    1. Belen was one of Elisa’s kidnappers, and a member of the party who went out to spy on the camp. Honestly, he hasn’t really done much.

      It’s sometimes hard to keep track of everyone in this series ^_^

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