The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Chapter 19: The Gates of the Enemy

Last time on The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Elisa rejoined her kidnappers / adventuring party for a reconnaissance mission at the nearby Invierno camp. What will the party learn about their enemies? Find out after the cut.

Part 1: Are We There Yet?
The party travels for two more days, and Elisa starts detecting even more danger. Obviously, they’re getting closer to the Invierno camp. Elisa entertains thoughts that the Invierno camp is the “gates of the enemy” mentioned in the Generic Fantasy Prophecy.

Part 2: Danger Sense Overload
The next day, after sleeping in (because apparently Inviernos like to travel in the early morning), the party ventures forth to the cave overlooking the Invierno camp. On the way, Elisa suddenly starts sensing even more danger, so the party hides.

There’s one downside to Elisa’s Danger Sense ability: it makes her cold when severe danger is nearby. And when she gets Danger Sense overload, she becomes cold to the touch, which Humberto discovers while the party hides. Humberto wants to light a fire, but Cosmé cautions against it because it would give away their position. And then the party wonders if they can even take Elisa to the cave, all because of the side effects of her one stupid ability.

Elisa then starts praying … which has the unintended effect of raising her body temperature. So hooray, crisis averted. Elisa just has to pray a whole lot to counteract the effects of Danger Sense. To celebrate this – and the party only having a day’s travel left before they reach the cave – Belén takes out some bread he saved for the occasion.

Part 3: A Fatalistic Line of Thought
The next morning, Elisa asks Cosmé if she’ll continue their plan to fight the Inviernos if Elisa dies. Elisa’s been thinking about possibly dying on this mission, how all Chosen Ones eventually die anyway, and how she’s tired of being a useless party member. Cosmé promises to aid the Malficio, even if Elisa dies.

Later that day, the party reaches the cave and sets up camp. Humberto tells Elisa how he and Cosmé used to play in the cave when they were younger. The party drinks some tea before heading to bed.

Part 4: In Which Things Turn South
The next morning, Cosmé prepares a jackrabbit for breakfast, Elisa gets ready to take notes on the Inviernos, Humberto takes watch, and Belén and Jacián go out hunting.

Elisa doesn’t get a lot of work done, though. She sits out with Humberto, who tells her not to take notes until later in the day because she’ll be spotted. Not that that’s going to matter, anyway, because a party of Inviernos is heading right for their very-well-hidden hideout! Elisa is so scared that she can’t move, so Humberto snaps her out of it by kissing her.

If you guessed that Elisa was going to kiss Humberto one chapter after Humberto’s affections for her were revealed, congratulations! You win a No-Prize.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Inviernos have pale skin, and brown, black, or blond hair.

Food Porn!
All the foodstuffs mentioned in this chapter:

  • Dried venison with dates
  • Bread with figs and nuts
  • Lamb chops with stewed carrots
  • Pine needle tea

Status Update!
Elisa learned: Body Control! (This is a Blue Rose ability, so find a PDF copy of the rules if you want to learn more about it.)


Next time: Things don’t get better for Elisa and the party. I go in depth on the workings of Lengua Classica.


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