Jewel Riders, Episode 4: Song of the Rainbow

Last time on Princess Gwenevere / Starla and the Jewel Riders, the Jewel Riders retrieved the Jewel of the North Woods. Which Crown Jewel will they get this time? Find out after the cut.

What Do We Remember About This Episode?

JW: Tamara gets a magic harp! A hidden room behind a waterfall!

Ry: Tamara performs a cheery song!  Josh actually has speaking lines!

A Quick and Dirty Summary:
It’s time for the first craft fair of the season at Castle Whiterock, and Gwen can’t decide which cape Tamara should wear with her Pimped-Out Outfit. Not that you can actually see the cape behind that massive ruffly thing on Tamara’s dress, but whatever. The ever-annoying baby animals are also practicing their backup vocals for Tamara’s song.

Once on stage, Tamara realizes that she forgot her flute! Epic fail there, Tamara. But not to worry — a random elf (hobbit?) gives Tamara a harp he just made. Tamara plays her song with the harp … and then weird shit starts to happen. Table settings and topiaries come to life, the babies get magic tuxedoes, and Tamara gets weird visions of a shattered jewel begging her to follow the rainbow and make it whole. Needless to say, Gwen pulls the plug on the show.

While the Jewel Riders try to figure out what’s wrong with Tamara, Fallon captures one of the dweasels. The dweasel reveals that the harp-maker is working for Kale. Of course, Drake returns with the harp-maker in tow, and everyone learns that the harp-maker is obviously not working for Kale. Hell, the harp-maker had no idea that he used fragments of the Rainbow Crown Jewel in his harp.

Kale then shows up, steals the harp from Tamara, and creates a ton of Wild Magic tornadoes that wreck the craft fair. The Jewel Riders destroy the tornadoes and a random portal by — you guessed it — shooting them with their Enchanted Jewels.

Afterwards, the harp-maker — whose name is Sorrel (I think) — decides to help the Jewel Riders retrieve the harp and find the Rainbow Jewel. The Jewel Riders and Sorrel ride to Rainbow Falls, the Pack stations themselves at Travel Trees in the area, and Drake is stuck with watching the babies. Josh — the token black Pack member — finds the harp after the dweasels accidentally throw it away during a jam session.

Now with the harp back in her possession, Tamara goes into a trance again and walks up to the top of Rainbow Falls. There, she plays the harp and reveals a hidden room behind the waterfall. With the Jewel Riders’ help, she restores the Rainbow Jewel, but suddenly vanishes. Gwen returns the Rainbow Jewel to the jewel box, which somehow saves Tamara. Merlin shows up with the PSA of the Day: If your heart is brave and true, the Enchanted Jewels can do awesome things.

The Jewel Riders suddenly remember that they left Drake with the babies, so they return to the Crystal Palace. They discover that the babies have trashed the place, and Drake got tied to a chair somehow. The Jewel Riders, being excellent role models, decide to leave Drake tied up. Damn, our heroines are bitches.

Stray Observations
* Castle Whiterock is actually on the official Avalon map!

* Every time I hear “Riverdells”, I think of “Rivendell” from Lord of the Rings.

* Okay, is Sorrel an elf or a hobbit? I can’t tell. I’m leaning towards hobbit because of his bare feet.

* The dancing table settings is totally ripped off from Beauty and the Beast.

* I’ve always loved the song that plays whenever Tamara goes into her trance in this episode.  (Ry: OMG, me too!)

* The dweasels are horrible at disguises! Yeah, they’re totally not going to be seen if they’re dressed like a clown and a Viking. Wait … did Vikings exist in this universe?

* Tamara’s carriage has a name! It’s called the Crystal Carriage. Now what’s the name of the bear / cat thing that drives it?

* Drake can summon the Pack with his Forest Stone.

* Why does Sunstar have to translate what the dweasels say? Is it because Tamara’s in a trance?  (Ry: Because Jewel Riders other than Tamara can’t hear other magical animals.)

* Bad Quote: “Oh Tone-Deaf One!”

* Dude, I bet Gwen can see that Tamara is falling. Do you have to repeat that for her, Sunstar?

* I guess you don’t need to make your spells rhyme when activating Travel Trees. Gwen’s request: “Trees of magic, field and wood, if we may and if we could travel with you, take us all, if you please, to Rainbow Falls.”

* This episode has a lot of characters and things acting like dicks. The Travel Trees deal with Kale by sending her to all the wrong places. No wonder Kale is pissed!

* Question: how does the Dragon Wagon make tire-skidding sounds when it lands?

* And how do the dweasels know about Elvis and rock-and-roll?

* If the Jewel Riders don’t find the Rainbow Jewel, the Riverdells will be “lost to the Wild Magic”. What does that mean?

* Josh finally speaks! And we learn that his wolf’s name is Stormrunner.

* How does Josh know about a washing machine’s spin cycle? And where did he get those 90s-tastic sunglasses?

* The Rainbow Falls freezes when Tamara enters it. Kale must obviously see this, so why does she fly her Dragon Wagon into the falls like a moron?

* Let’s save Tamara by ZAPPING HER WITH OUR ENCHANTED JEWELS. Because that solves everything.

* Jewel Riders — Sunstar especially — you don’t need to tell Gwen to use Merlin’s key twice.

* Well, I learned something today. If you make a badass mind-controlling instrument, you get to become Avalon’s master musician! Just ask Sorrel.

Ry’s Comments

* This is, I believe, the beginning of  the Archie/Babies association and related hijinks.  More is coming unfortunately.

* First time seeing the Crystal Carriage expanded with its sides open (heh, kind of like a tent trailer).  It practically begs to have a playset made of it.  A Crystal Carriage with Bear, the Babies, and Archie would have been such a fun item for the toy line.

* Sorrel is such a weird anomaly in this series.  He can’t be an elf, because the elves are introduced in the 2nd season, and they’re like two feet tall.

* Heh, you can see Drake leering at Tamara from the crowd during the song scene.

* Craft Fairs are basically like Renaissance Fairs, except in the time period they’re supposed to be in?  We’ll visit more of them over the course of the series.

* Convenient how Kale was right up above the cloud line ready to call down her Tornadoes.

* Tamara must have fallen super slowly for Gwen to catch her, because Kale wasn’t up that high. XD

* Nice to see Josh and Stormrunner, though it’s sadly one of his only appearances of much note without the rest of the Pack.

* That animation of Tamara’s hand plucking the strings of the harp is gorgeous!  If only the whole series could have been animated that nicely!

* If memory serves me correctly, this is the only time a Crown Jewel appears as a sentient entity and communicates with the heroes.

* “Master Musician.”  So…I guess Tamara can confer titles on people?  Wouldn’t she have to clear that with Sorrel’s guild?

* Not gonna lie, the bit with Drake being tied by by the Babies and being left by Gwen and Fallon always bothered me, even as a kid.

Avalon Connections
* Emily’s jewel is called the Rainbow Jewel.

* Yay, we finally learn where the annoying unicorn bleating comes from! Cleo makes the “pffffffft” noise in this episode.

* The craft fair is totally like all those benefit fundraisers Kara is always hosting. Gwen even kicks off the craft fair in this episode.

* “Feel the Magic” is a Be*Tween song.

* Many elements of this episode (the Wild Magic tornadoes wrecking a fair, the hidden room behind a waterfall) are used in Heart of Avalon.

* Tamara’s concert is kinda like the spellsinging concert in Spellsinger — except this time, everyone is aware of all the magical happenings.


Next time: Wizard’s Peak, in which the Jewel Riders fight a genie.



    1. Thanks for all the GIFs. These look great!

      I’ll add the best ones to my recap when I post it tomorrow. It’s a day late because I just got back from a brief vacation today ^_^

  1. I just watched this episode. Pretty cute. 🙂 But, yeah, the girls are total bitches at the end.

    I noticed, early in the episode (I believe after Kale shows up at the fair), the one dweasel on the ground is translucent.

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