Weekend Talk Among Yourselves

Welcome to Weekend Talk Among Yourselves, where I talk about behind-the-scenes stuff and things that have nothing to do about Avalon or whatever I’m recapping, and you can comment with whatever you want.

Here’s what’s happening on my end:

* Shameless plug!

* I’m thinking about contacting one of the production companies connected to the Avalon movie so we can get more information on it. The movie is supposedly coming out next summer, and it’s kinda weird that we haven’t heard anything about casting and filming yet. If you have questions you want me to ask, please post them!

* Anyone want to try the beta for Spirit Animals? I considered it, but realized that I didn’t want to play a free-to-play MMO (I guess it’s an MMO? The few screenshots kinda look like that or a kiddie version of Baldur’s Gate). And your choices of bonded animals are tigers, foxes, and … penguins. Penguins? Seriously? I can use a BATTLE PENGUIN? Well, whoever decides to play the beta, please name your BATTLE PENGUIN “Frobisher“. Because that would be awesome.

* Hmm, I’m highly considering nominating Spirit Animals for future recap bait once I’m done with all of the Fire and Thorns books (not to mention Shadow Warrior once it finally comes out). There’s bonded animals (which are stored in tattoos for some reason), a Big Bad (oh so ominously called the Reptile King / Devourer) who figured out how to force-bond and enslave animals, and a fetch quest for Medallion McGuffins. So yeah … it’s basically Avalon, except without the crazy connected multiverse or the magic jewels.

Got anything you want to talk about? Post it in the comments!



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