Got Questions? Here’s How You Get Answers

To all my American readers, happy Independence Day!

Before I run out to have fun barbecuing and watching fireworks (and hopefully not getting rained on!), I’ve decided to share something with you. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that a few people on the official Avalon Facebook page were wondering how to get a hold of Ms. Roberts so they could ask questions about the series. So I’m gonna help you all out and tell you how to get your pressing Avalon questions answered:

  • Method 1: E-mail! This lovely comment on the offical Avalon Facebook page contains the publisher’s e-mail. It’s how I got a hold of Ms. Roberts for this site’s interview several months ago. EDIT: This e-mail doesn’t work anymore.
  • Method 2: Twitter! Now, I haven’t tested this out yet because I don’t have a Twitter account, but someone who does can direct a question at the official Avalon Twitter feed (@AvalonWebMagic) and see what happens.

Have a safe holiday, everyone!



    1. I guess you could always ask when Shadow Warrior is coming out. Or how Drake is able to survive without eating meat. Because those two are the most pressing questions most people have.

      And I like your idea about the annoying theory thread. I love insane theories.

  1. Also, can we do a supper annoying thread where we speculate on what’s going to happen in Shadow Warrior/the movie. Like, who’s the new protagonist gunna be? Because I have some weird theories and no one to throw them at ):

    Haha, just a thought.

    1. The email doesn’t work. I tried to email that email with my questions. It said, “Relay Access Denied.”
      So… yeah. DANGGIT
      I really wanted to find out how to audition for the movie…

        1. So, how did you get a hold of Rachel in the more recent interview? Or did you not send off the questions? I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO FIND OUT HOW TO AUDITION FOR THE MOVIE, DANGGIT.

          1. I didn’t get a chance to send off the questions. I was really busy this last quarter of grad school.

            The new Avalon site has a form for sending questions, so I might try to use that to contact them. It’s on the bottom of the main page, if you’re interested in asking questions.

  2. I looked at the link, and it says premier digital publishing, and they publish the eBooks. Are you sure that you can use it to contact RR?

  3. Okay, this jut came into my mind. If a mage is a human who uses magic, then how is Ozzie a mage? Think.

        1. Looking through my notes, it looks like humans are the only ones who can be mages. It doesn’t explain how half-fairies (Lucinda, Miranda) or elves (Ozzie) are considered mages, though. And “Legend of the LAOA” suggests that other fairy creatures can also become mages, since the Fairy Realms are sending mage candidates to the Mage Academy. So maybe any humanoid can become a mage?

          … Or maybe it’s all just being made up as the story goes along?

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