Decide the Future of the Avalon Archive Here!

Well, we’ve reached the end of Avalon recaps — for now, at least. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting updates on the Avalon movie(s), and recaps for Shadow Warrior will appear as soon as the first book is released. And I plan on starting Jewel Riders episode recaps in mid-July.

However, I need to find some way to keep this site alive for the foreseeable future. I’ve considered doing recaps on fantasy or science fiction books, but I haven’t really figured out a theme yet. So far, most of the books I’ve marked as “recap bait” primarily contain female protagonists. I guess the theme would be … fantasy / sci-fi from a female protagonist’s perspective?

Someone also mentioned that I should try posting stuff that isn’t recaps. What would you like to see here, other than Avalon news, Twitter re-posts, and the latest in fandom activity? And should I start having a social networking presence?

Also, I’ve made a list of some of the books I read while I was reading Avalon that I thought would be entertaining to recap. You’re welcome to add to this list — just remember, I would like to read YA or adult books, and I will make allowances to juvenile fiction if it’s written at the same level as the Avalon books.

It’s a long list, so check it out after the cut.

[EDIT 21 JUNE: Added a couple more reader request titles.]

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi (link!)
Reminds Me Of: (Fallout 3 + Mass Effect aesthetic + Dragon Ball technology + virtual reality + electromagnetic apocalypse – nuclear war) + (Skyrim – dragons) + the storytelling gimmick from Star Ocean: The Second Story + (Waterworld – water)
Quick and Dirty Summary: A Vault Dweller is exiled from her Vault for a crime she didn’t commit. A boy from one of the tribes outside tries to save his nephew, who was kidnapped by the Vault Dwellers. Vault Dweller and Tribal Boy team up to a) clear the Vault Dweller’s name, and b) save Tribal Boy’s nephew. Oh, and they have to find a place that’s free from the electromagnetic storms that are ravaging the earth.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Plot points that were totally taken from Fallout 3 or Waterworld. A bad attempt to combine the character leveling systems of Fallout and Skyrim. (Spoiler: your archery points also affect how you use small guns / energy weapons!) Me getting very annoyed at the end of the second book because it totally borrows way too liberally from Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. Complaints on the lack of a world map. More Fallout references than you can shake a fist at. Also, Fallout.

Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson (link!)
Reminds Me Of: I’m not sure about this one. Maybe the Tortall books, if they focused only on the royalty and had a serious Spanish influence.
Quick and Dirty Summary: A princess is chosen by God at birth to carry a stone in her navel and perform some great deed. She is eventually married off to the weak king of a neighboring country. Girl has to figure out what it means to be a leader and God’s chosen one, all in the middle of a war with a nation of magic-using infidels.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Translations of Spanish-influenced place names. Surprise at all the choices the main character makes. Joy that there’s no stupid romance sub-plot. A cracktastic theory that is eventually debunked by the end of the second book. Absolutely no RPG character sheets whatsoever.

Across the Universe by Beth Revis (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Brave New World in space, except John’s riot succeeds. (Oh crap, I spoiled Brave New World for you.)
Quick and Dirty Summary: Girl is cryogenically frozen prior to a voyage to colonize an Earth-like planet orbiting Alpha Centauri. Girl wakes up 40 years too early, and has trouble fitting in with the people on board the ship. Hilarity ensues.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Slight annoyance at the inclusion of a romance sub-plot. A fetch quest gone wrong. A lack of RPG character sheets.

The Blessed Precious Blood by Tonya Hurley (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Santa Sangre – meaning + New York + teenagers + Hurricane Sandy.
Quick and Dirty Summary: Three girls recover from near-death experiences and obtain bracelets from a mysterious man. During a hurricane, the girls and mystery man end up taking shelter in an abandoned church. Mystery man reveals that either a) he and the girls are the reincarnations of saints, or b) he’s totally insane. And then weird stuff happens.
What to Expect from My Recaps: NSFW warnings. Lots of NSFW warnings. Complaints about bad writing. More NSFW warnings. Bad attempts at making RPG character sheets. Excellent but unexpected uses of useless spells. Oh, did I mention the NSFW warnings?

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Lost – island.
Quick and Dirty Summary: In a world where everyone has been reincarnated repeatedly, a girl who has never been reincarnated is born. Girl leaves her emotionally abusive mother to learn more about her existence. She ends up discovering that the reasons behind reincarnation are Not Good. Also, smoke monsters.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Complaints about the protagonist getting sidetracked by romance and music composition lessons for half of the first book. Major WTF-age at a major twist in the second book. Also, smoke monsters.

And here are some books I haven’t read yet or have not been released yet, but might be worth recapping:

Eon by Alison Goodman (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Asian-themed Song of the Lioness.
Quick and Dirty Summary: Girl poses as boy to train as a potential host of an elemental dragon spirit.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Maybe an RPG character sheet or two. I haven’t read much of the book yet.

Spirit Animals by Brandon Mull and other authors (link!)
Reminds Me Of: This doesn’t come out until September, but it looks kinda like Avalon without the magic jewels.
Quick and Dirty Summary: Kids bond with animals to save their world. Because reasons.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Since this one also has an online game tie-in, don’t expect me to actually play the game and review it. As much as I keep making references to other games on this blog, I ACTUALLY SUCK AT PLAYING THEM. Also, the cover teases a BATTLE PANDA. So the book has that going for it. Which is nice.

And here are some books that you requested:

Legend by Marie Lu (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Didn’t read enough of it to get a good idea, but it looks like a post-apocalyptic dystopian Roman-influenced New California Republic from Fallout.
Quick and Dirty Summary: The California Republic’s greatest teenage military prodigy teams up with the California Republic’s most wanted criminal. Because reasons.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Me being excited that I can actually navigate the world of this book.

Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Didn’t read a whole lot of this book, but the description makes it sound like medieval-influenced Hunger Games.
Quick and Dirty Summary: An imprisoned assassin is given a chance to fight for her freedom in an arena. Twenty-four people enter, one person leaves.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Me making many references to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Many a WTF at how the character and place names are actually pronounced.

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy (link!)
Reminds Me Of: A very fractured fairy tale.
Quick and Dirty Summary: Four fairy tale princes are rejected by their princesses and go off on an adventure to save the world.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Me praising the humor in this book. Also note that this book doesn’t quite fit the theme I had going, but the humor’s pretty good.

The Twelve Kingdoms by Fuyumi Ono (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Romance of the Twelve Kingdoms.
Quick and Dirty Summary: It’s Romance of the Twelve Kingdoms. What more can I say?
What to Expect from My Recaps: Me ranting about trying to find a copy of this book.

Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow by Katy Towell (link!)
Reminds Me Of: I don’t know … eldrich horror in a boarding school, maybe?
Quick and Dirty Summary: A trio of outcast girls team up to solve a mystery at their boarding school.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Eh, I expect this to be like my Avalon recaps.

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull (link!)
Reminds Me Of: From what I heard, it’s Avalon without the magic jewels.
Quick and Dirty Summary: Two siblings spend a couple of weeks with their eccentric grandfather. Hilarity ensues.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Me getting very annoyed at the writing style. (The Kindle preview was painful to read!)

Cinder by Marissa Meyer (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Cinderella meets Deus Ex … IN SPACE!
Quick and Dirty Summary: It’s Cinderella in futuristic China with cyborgs.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Lots of pictures from Blade Runner, Deus Ex, and other cyberpunk games or movies.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Don’t know, actually. I don’t usually read realistic fiction.
Quick and Dirty Summary: Boy with facial deformity enters public school for the first time. Hilarity ensues.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Links to obscure medical conditions. Note: this book doesn’t fit my theme at all — it’s not fantasy or sci-fi, and it has a male main character — but it was recommended, so here it is.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Harry Potter with Greek gods.
Quick and Dirty Summary: Boy discovers that he’s Poseidon’s son. Much adventures are had.
What to Expect from My Recaps: A very long commitment to two book series and a couple of movies. Links to classical mythology sites. Note: this doesn’t quite fit the theme — it has a male protagonist.

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan (link!)
Reminds Me Of: Percy Jackson with Egyptian gods.
Quick and Dirty Summary: An Egyptologist awakens the Egyptian gods. Hilarity ensues.
What to Expect from My Recaps: Links to Egyptian mythology sites. Maybe some ranting on Ancient Egyptian language fail, if it happens. Me trying to find an Ancient Egyptian font that works on the internet. Again, I don’t think this quite fits the theme — male protagonist again — but I hear there’s some female protagonist POV chapters, so it might work.

So please comment below with your suggestions for the site! If there is a book you want to have recapped, mention it below and I’ll add it to the list! If there’s new features you want on the site, tell me! If you like any of my recap bait options, say so! The books with the most votes will be recapped, starting at the beginning of July. So you have until June 30 to vote.

[EDIT] As of June 17, here’s how the voting stands:
3 votes for Girl of Fire and Thorns
2 votes for Precious Blood
1 vote for Under the Never Sky
1 vote for Across the Universe
1 vote for Incarnate
1 vote for Eon
1 vote for Legend


  1. So, Under the Never Sky, Girl of Fire and Thorns, Across the Universe, AND Incarnate are all on my to-be-read list. We apparently have very similar reading tastes! šŸ™‚

    Others you might like to consider for the list (that are more recent publications) would be the Legend Trilogy (Marie Lu), and Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Maas). Actually, you’d probably enjoy their website:

    And was there anything specific you wanted me to start looking at for the Jewel Riders recaps?

    1. Legend and Throne of Glass are both on my to-read list. I’ll add them to the list after read more about them.

      Eek, we do have the same taste in books! Across the Universe and Girl of Fire and Thorns are highly recommended. I had some problems with Incarnate, but the second book in the series was an improvement. As for Under the Never Sky … I spent too much time comparing it to Fallout 3!

      As for Jewel Riders recaps, maybe you can marathon the series sometime before we start? i was planning on doing that after I was done with projects for grad school this week or next.

      1. I’ll definitely try and make it through the first season, then. Not sure if I’ll have time for the second season before we start.

        Oh, and I just finished a hilarious middle grade fantasy called “The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom.” It had some great fairy tale subversion! (And it totally reminded me of one of my all time favorite series – The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede!)

        1. I’ll be adding Hero’s Guide to the list, even though it doesn’t quite fit the theme I’ve got going here.

          And I’m adding one vote for Fallout: Under the Never Sky(rim), Girl of Fire and Thorns, Across the Universe, and Incarnate.

  2. Woah man. I am so freaking down for Girl of Fire and Thorns, or Eon. To be honest, I really haven’t heard of any of these books D:

    I’m a huge Scifi and Fantasy fan, though, so these are all pretty rad choices.

  3. Oh! At first I thought that I didn’t have any suggestions but then I took a quick look at my book case and remembered a book I read a few years after I was into the Avalon series. It’s called The Twelve Kingdoms by Fuyumi Ono, the first book is subtitled Sea of Shadow.

    1. Ooh, I’ve seen a few episodes of the anime for that series! Definitely need to sit down and watch the whole thing some time soon.

  4. So hang on, there’s a BOOK with an ACTUAL matching VIDEO GAME? Like, full-on multiplayer video game, or some half-finished spin-off or minigame like for the Warriors series?

      1. No, I was talking about the Spirit Animals game. I know nothing about the Warriors series.

        [EDIT] Oh, crap, I realize you’re talking about the Warriors game the Agent YKW mentioned. My fault. This is what I get for responding really late at night.

        I will add, though, that I just flipped through a Warriors book and found some sort of pencil-and-paper RPG campaign in the back. I’m not sure if that’s the game YKW was talking about, though.

        1. I looked up spirit animals, and it’s written by the same author that wrote a series kinda like Avalon, it’s called Fableheaven, there’s a preserve with magical animals, I haven’t read it, but my friends say it’s really good.

          1. Are you talking about the Warriors RPG, or the Spirit Animals game? The Warriors RPG I can probably scan in a few months — I found it in one of the Warriors books at the school I’m working at. I can’t really link to the Spirit Animals game until it goes live in September.

      2. Oh! Their minigame’s gone! They used to have a little one, called “Warriors Hunting Game,” where you basically ran around and caught birds and stuff in four different levels. It seems to have vanished, though. šŸ˜¦ Pity, it was rather fun.

  5. Girl of Fire and Thorns and Precious Blood sound the most interesting. In any case though, I am glad that the theme will be “fantasy/science fiction with female leads”. I male protagonists all the time, so books about girls are most welcome.

    I read a book a few months ago called Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow (yes, that’s the exact spelling) by Katy Towell that I rather liked, about three freakish, antisocial girls in a decaying American town that is trying as hard as it can to be “normal”. Then a hideous evil shows up.

    1. That’s one more vote for Girl of Fire and Thorns, and one for Precious Blood. I am going to warn you, though, if Precious Blood does get chosen, there will be serious NSFW warnings on 99% of my recaps. I’m not kidding about the NSFW stuff with that book. Just putting that out there.

      And I’ll add Skary Childrin to the list after I read up on it.

      1. Yay! I hope you like it when you get to it.

        I voted for Precious Blood specifically to hear about the NSFW material. Maybe I should just buy it for the Massachusetts journey later today and see for myself, although your warning about bad writing makes me slightly weary about paying money for it.

        1. Should I spoil the NSFW stuff here? Because trust me, it gets into territory that even I’m uncomfortable with. Hence the warnings.

          I could always send you my e-book copy. It’s an original edition, from before the title change.

          1. Thank you for the offer, but I think I’ll wait on reading it for now.

            I want to be surprised by specifics, but perhaps a little hint as to the contents. Is this sexual? Extremely violent? Both at once? Filled with blood play?

          2. Let’s just say that one of my “Last time on Precious Blood” posts will be this (ROT13 for safety reasons): N tnat bs chaxf pbearef gur cnegl va n oheavat ebbz, naq guerngraf gb encr naq xvyy gurz, ohg abg arprffnevyl va gung beqre.

            Also, there’s a very suggestive scene involving one of the female leads touching an open wound on her wrist. You can probably see where this is going.

            In short, lots of ultraviolence, sexual stuff, and abuse. Hence the warnings and the ROT13’d spoiler.

      2. I don’t think you should recap anything that would need a nsfw warning, you have to keep the website appropriate for the age that reads avalon, (like me, middle school!)

    1. Yes, I will. There will be NSFW warnings in the post title and the little “Last time on…” pre-cut message. I will also add specific content warnings, if need be.

  6. I think you should recap legend, it’s one of my sunshine state readers (look up sunshine state readers middle school) I started to read it and it looks pretty good. There’s a lot of good books that you could recap with sunshine states middle school. Other books I like this year are wonder and cinder.

  7. You have been thinking about recapping other books, but remember, this is the Avalon archive! You can’t get sidetracked with recapping other books, maybe what you can do is recommend these books. I know I seem like a hypocrite because I recommended and voted, but I think this is the Avalon archive, and you gotta remember that.

    1. The only reason I’m considering recapping other books is because I need something to do while I’m waiting for Shadow Warrior to come out. This site will be quite boring if all I’m doing for the next few months is posting tweets, fanfiction links, and Jewel Riders recaps.

      1. It would be, but the recaps never really excited me,wich is why I suggested trying to do something other than recaps.

  8. I know I’m kinda against recapping other books, but if you going to recap anything it should be Percy Jackson or the Kane chronichles, if you have not heard of Percy Jackson, you have been living in a hole. The Kane chronichles is second to PJ, but it focuses equally on the boy main character and the girl, Percy Jackson mostly Percy. But you guys might like them! If you haven’t already read them.

    1. I’ve considered doing one of those series, especially since I know they’re popular with the upper elementary / middle school crowd. I’ll be adding them to the list.

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