Legend of the LAOA, Part 2: No, We Didn’t Forget About You, Sierra

Last time on “Legend of the LAOA”, Zach and Drake helped a crystal cat fight off a horde of shadow creatures. Midway through the battle, however, the cat teleports himself and the shadow creatures elsewhere. Whose day will this cat ruin now? Find out after the cut.

Hey! Remember Sierra? That girl who lives on a dude ranch just outside Carlsbad, New Mexico? The one who apparently has a Sparkly Rock of her very own that didn’t start working until she ran into the party? Well, she’s back.

Early one evening, Sierra and her neighbor Tyler are wrangling horses at the ranch. Tyler and Sierra are old friends: Tyler’s family breeds the horses that Sierra’s family uses at the dude ranch. Now they’re both in high school together, and they compete in county fair riding competitions.

Anyway, after Tyler leaves for home, Sierra notices a set of horse tracks leading out into the desert. Like any other teenage protagonist in a fantasy story, Sierra decides to follow the tracks to their end. Of course, once she gets to the end, she finds nothing.

Suddenly, a shooting star flies over the ranch, and a horse appears where the star landed! The horse vanishes when Sierra finally reaches it, but nearby there’s a sparkling silver cat.

Oh great. The Nall-wannabe has decided to ruin Sierra’s night.

The silver cat explains that it came from Aldenmor, and that there are evil creatures trying to capture it. Also, it reveals that Sierra is a mage, and that it’s dangerous for her to go alone — take a bonded animal!

But wait! Where’s this bonded animal that Sierra needs to take? Well, it’s that weird teleporting horse that showed up earlier. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up until after a horde of wolf-like creatures attack. The cat teaches Sierra how to cast Blindness, which distracts the wolf-things long enough to let Sierra mount her newly-bonded horse.

However, those wolf-things are very persistent — they keep running after Sierra, the cat, and the horse! Not even Magic Missiles can deter them — which really sucks, because Sierra’s party has just reached the edge of a cliff! So it looks like someone’s gonna have to jump!

And then we learn that Sierra’s horse can sprout wings and fly. Wow, talk about convenient.

The horse comes up with a smart idea: let’s send those wolf-things through the local portal! So Sierra, with the cat’s help, opens the portal and lures the wolf-things inside. And huzzah, the enemies are … um … I guess “defeated” isn’t the right word, since they were just sent off somewhere. But they’re gone! That’s a good thing.

After the battle, Tasha appears in the portal, and uses her magitech iPhone to figure out Sierra’s character class and stats. It turns out that Sierra is a dual-classed mage: she’s a healer-warrior tuned to fire magic. So you can start out as a dual-classed mage? And are there other dual-classed mages out there?

The cat then tells Tasha that he sensed that a new age of magic was approaching, which is why he left his hiding place. But he couldn’t control his magic, which is why he’s lost now. He also reveals that there are other LAOAs out there.

Tasha tells Sierra that the portal outside the ranch is now connected to the Magic Web, and that she’ll get the dragonflies to put a Protection from Evil dreamcatcher over it. And then she and the cat leave for Aldenmor.

Which leaves Sierra and her nameless horse alone outside Carlsbad, ready to have new adventures and figure out the horse’s name. Which we don’t get, sadly.

Status Update!
Sierra’s character class is: Healer-Warrior!
Sierra is tuned to: fire!
Sierra is bonded to: as-yet unnamed flying horse!
Sierra learns: Blindness and Magic Missile!

A Choice Quote I Couldn’t Fit Above:
So how is Sierra going to hide a flying horse on Earth?

“I don’t know how I’m going to explain the wings, but we’ll figure it out.”

“Only those with magic can see my wings,” the horse assured her.

“Oh great, so everyone else is going to see a floating horse.”

Next time: Tasha does research.



  1. A couple of comments.

    1. How can Sierra understand the Silver-flying-cat? Didn’t Zach need Drake to translate? (Admittedly, I only read the story once and it was a while ago so maybe I’m forgetting something?)

    2. Are Emily and Adriane duel-classed? Like, 25% Healer, 75% Warrior on Adriane’s part, and visa versa on Emily’s? Or is that just a special Emily/Adriane thing? I like to think that it’s the latter. ~Friendship is Magic~

    3. Personality and character design and background and stuff, I actually like Sierra. But to be honest, magic-wise, I think she’s sort of a Mary-Sue. Her element is fire, which is the most powerful/unpredictable element, and she’s both an action type, and support type mage. Maybe the fact that she’s duel-classed adds some sort of disadvantage (to make up for all of the advantages), like maybe she can’t level up as high as a full Warrior-type or Healer-type? A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None? And wasn’t she originally supposed to be tuned to Earth? I feel like, had she been an Earth Healer, or even an Earth Warrior-Healer, it would have really set off the Mary-Sueness. I don’t know now I’m just rambling.

    1. 1) I’m not quite sure how Sierra was able to understand the cat. Tasha does say something about Sierra stabilizing the cat’s magic, so maybe that has something to do with it.

      2) I never thought of Adriane and Emily being dual-classed (prior to Dark Mage of course). I just thought it was a one-off special magic mix-up that let Adriane learn Heal and Emily get a little better at Magic Missile.

      3) I’m going to hope that Sierra being dual-classed from the start has some consequences. She has to have limited access to either her Healer or Warrior spells. Actually, I’m going to check in a bit to see if either one or the other of Sierra’s classes is more dominant than the other.

      [EDIT] Sierra is actually a Healer mage with a bit of Warrior. So I guess she gets greater access to Healer spells, and a limited number of Warrior spells.

      Also, if she ever decides to become a Dark Mage, will that make Sierra a triple-classed mage? Because then that’ll kinda break the pseudo-D&D 2nd Edition setup I’ve got going for Avalon.

    1. I plan on starting Jewel Riders recaps in mid-July. As for book recaps, I’m posting a poll later this week where you get to choose or suggest series for me to recap before Shadow Warrior comes out.

      1. I don’t think jewel riders would appeal to most, I like it, but I think you should try something else, maybe take a break from recaps and post something else.

  2. The way I see the dual-class bit is this: the reason Emily, Adriane, and Kara were chosen was because they were PURELY healer, warrior, and blazing star, respectively. That sort of thing is pretty rare, which is what made them so valuable. All other mages are some combination of the three, including Sierra, Zach, and Ozzie. (And myself of course.) The wild magic incident didn’t really change Emily and Adriane’s magic powers, just temporarily.

    1. Hmm, that’s actually a good theory. I wish we got a better definition of all the mage character classes. The only official ones are healers, warriors, blazing stars, dark mages, dragon riders, and dual-classed mages. I’m not even sure what class Ozzie is supposed to be, because it’s never been stated….

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