Full Circle, Chapter 23: Dance Party Ending

Last time on Full Circle, the party beat the final boss by unequipping their Sparkly Rocks and closing all the portals, which somehow caused Avalon to get magically nuked. What happens after game over this time? Find out after the cut.

It’s been one week since the party beat the game, and they’re celebrating by attending the graduation dance. I’d like to state again that this doesn’t make sense, because the party started the series in the seventh grade, but it’s never been mentioned when they moved on to eighth grade.

Anyway, the party hasn’t really hung out together since they beat the game, and they’re all kinda down in the dumps. Emily worries about what will happen to them in high school, and has been spending all her time working at the Pet Palace. Adriane doesn’t seem happy about Ravenswood finally getting landmark status. Kara has been doing what she does best — being a popular tweenage social butterfly — but it’s obvious it’s all just an act. All of them miss their bonded animals and the refugees, and they doubt that they made the right choice when beating the game.

So the girls try to get their minds off things by discussing plans for summer tours of Ravenswood, and Kara’s proposed trip to Europe. Kara and Adriane also acknowledge that, despite their differences, they’re each other’s best friend. And then everyone hugs it out.

Suddenly, weird multicolored bats fly over the dance floor. It takes a second for the girls to notice that the bats are actually Kara’s dragonflies. But wait — how did the dragonflies reach Earth if all the portals are closed? Well, the dragonflies aren’t telling. They’re just going to lead the party to the portal field for a secret gathering.

Now, the party hasn’t been at the portal field since they beat the game. And why would they? The portals are all closed. But apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, because Ozzie, the party’s bonded animals, and their designated love interests are all there to throw a party for the party.

Suddenly, Neerie (remember her from Heart of Avalon?) appears in the nearby lake for a post-game infodump! Like all massive infodumps, I’ll try to break everything up into easily-digestible chunks.

There’s a new home of magic!
After the party magically nuked Avalon, the center of power has now shifted to Ravenswood! So now Earth is the home of all magic! Will humanity finally wise up to the existence of magic? It’d be cool if they did.

Ozzie is more important than we thought!
Ozzie was the only reason the current party succeeded in their quest. Since he’s an elf in a ferret’s body, he’s nigh immortal and can’t be corrupted by dark magic. Those abilities prevented Emily from turning evil when she dual-classed, kept the party’s Sparkly Rocks from being corrupted by Avalon’s magic when they unequipped them in the last chapter, and healed Avalon’s magic after the place got magically nuked.

Oh, and it turns out that the Fairimentals didn’t choose Ozzie to find the party. It was Phelonius … who is also Ozzie’s paladin. Yep, Ozzie has been a Level 2 mage the entire time, and nobody told him because he never bothered to ask.

Everybody dance!
Neerie is kind enough to show the party what happened to all their friends across the Magic Web. Now that Earth is the center of the universe, they are connected to every world on the web. So we basically get to see this:

Gwyx gets a new name!
He’s called “Web Warrior” now. I guess he took all the credit for beating the game.

Unexpected consequences!
Remember when I said that giving up magical items freely is usually a Good Idea? Well, the shadow creatures were all healed when the party unequipped their weapons. Buttercup then led the healed shadow creatures to the Otherworlds, and they all bonded with the kobolds. Now they can all make magic together, aww.

Babies ever after!
Dawnrunner gave birth to a litter of puppies. Glad to see she’s doing fine after fighting a boss battle while pregnant.

Downloadable content, maybe?
As more proof that giving up magical items freely is generally a Good Idea, the party’s paladins arrive to give them new, upgraded Sparkly Rocks! We never get to learn what these new Sparkly Rocks look like, but I’m going to assume they’re just palette swaps until Shadow Warrior proves me wrong.

Also, if this was a video game, the girls getting their weapons back is an obvious sign that a) there will be downloadable content coming out, and b) the party can do some serious free-roaming.

One last thing….
The Fairimentals let Esmerelda, Ozzie’s girlfriend, visit Ravenswood for the night. Yes, she’s stuck in ferret form, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

So a new age of magic has begun! And the party learned that the home of magic was inside them all along. The end.

… At least, until Shadow Warrior comes out.

I’d like to thank everyone who has joined me in this recap / read-along / comparison of Avalon: Web of Magic. Special thanks to SuzieQ for helping out with the blog, the Art Grad Students from [insert name of Boston-area institute of higher learning here] for assisting with art-related references, commentor Rabukurafuto for keeping me up-to-date with edits made in the e-book re-release, and Ry and Robert from the Jewel Riders LJ comm for pointing out all the Jewel Riders references I missed. This has been an enjoyable ride, and I can’t wait to see you all again when Shadow Warrior and the movie(s) finally drop.

I will be recapping “Legend of the LAOA” next — maybe starting tomorrow. There are also plans on recapping Jewel Riders starting next month. As for other recaps … well, I’ll be posting a poll on that really soon. If any of you have any ideas for recap bait, or a general theme for my future recaps, chime in below.

Next time: first impressions on “Legend of the LAOA”.



  1. Many congratulations on finishing this herculean endeavor! I’ve enjoyed these post immensely, and can’t wait to see more from you as further material emerges. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I still have all three parts of “Legend of the LAOA” to go through, so I’m not quite done yet. But I thought the last chapter of the last book needed a proper sign-off.

      I’ve been meaning to ask: do you want to help out with Jewel Riders recaps? I plan on starting them after July 4.

  2. You should recap the Warlock Diaries. I can finally participate in all the Avalon stuff without spoilers. I read all them!!!!

    1. I recapped Warlock Diaries several months ago. Here’s links to Part 1, 2, and 3.

      “Legend of the LAOA” will be recapped very soon, hopefully starting this weekend.

      And congrats on finishing the series! I hope you have fun reading the recaps.

  3. Gosh. Wow. I can’t believe you’ve finished. I’ve really enjoyed reading your recaps-you’re hilarious and I love your pop culture references.

    Dawnrunner’s a BAMF

    1. Thanks! Don’t worry, I still have recaps of “Legend of the LAOA” to finish up, and I have plans to recap Jewel Riders and other books before Shadow Warrior finally comes out.

      Dawnrunner’s a BAMF

      I know! I hope there’s more of her in Shadow Warrior.

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