Full Circle, Chapter 22: The Third Option

Last time on Full Circle, the Dark Sorceress refused to change her evil ways and rejoin the Original Party, and the Reapers the Sorceress’s shadow creatures entered the Well of Tears, presumably to destroy all magical life in the universe. Which color-coded ending will our heroes choose? Find out after the cut.

Well, great. The Original Party is losing the final boss battle, the shadow creatures are streaming through the Well of Tears, and all the worlds on the Magic Web are under attack. This is going extremely well.

Our heroes seem to have two options: either they heal all the shadow creatures, or they kill them. Emily doesn’t think she has enough time to heal the shadow creatures, and she doesn’t want to kill them all. So there’s got to be another way, right?

Gardener gives the current party a hint: the Original Party survived over 200 years so they could help the current party stop the cycle of idiots dual-classing to dark mages at the Gates of Avalon. And the way to stop this lies in Emily’s part of the Generic Fantasy Prophecy: she can see in darkness. Emily quickly realizes that, unlike the Original Party, they remained friends despite all the mistakes they made during their quest. Also, she somehow knows that the party has to sacrifice something in order to save the universe.

So the party, under a Mass Invisibility spell cast by Dreamer and Stormbringer, heads to the Well of Tears. Inside, they see distorted reflections of themselves. Our heroes realize that they have changed over the course of the series, but as long as they stick together and don’t forget who they are, everything will be all right.

Emily then explains her plan: she will close all the portals on the Magic Web, which will force the shadow creatures to return to Avalon. Unfortunately, this will also mean that the age of magic will come to an end — but the Magic Web will be saved, so I guess it’s for a good cause.

After ordering the Ravenswood refugees to finally return to Aldenmor, followed by a very lengthy farewell between the girls and their bonded animals, Emily uses the magic of every single animal she encountered in the series to close all the portals except for the Well of Tears. She also accepts that dark magic is a part of her, as well.

Emily then summons the shadow creatures to her, and tells the Sorceress that, hey, she won the game. Great job!

Then Indi creates two portals — one to Earth, the other to Aldenmor — and the party unequips their Sparkly Rocks. As you may recall, giving away magical items is generally a Good Idea. And for a brief instant, it seems like it’s a Good Idea, because both parties finally see Avalon in its former glory.

And then the girls return to Earth, their bonded animals return to Aldenmor, and the portals close. And just in time, because Avalon is magically nuked by dark magic.

So yeah … the party beat the final boss by not actually fighting it. The only other game I can think of where you can do that is Planescape: Torment, but that’s because you have the option to talk the final boss to death.

And if this was a video game, here’s where you’d put the ending credits. I’ve been trying to think of a song that would go here, so … um … here’s my pick. Readers, you can post your ending credits music ideas in the comments.

Next time: a sequel hook.



  1. I was thinking of some sad Utada Hikaru, but this came to mind as well.

    Also, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade. UHG. What a flawless franchise. All of the trigger warnings, though.

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