Full Circle, Chapter 21: A Very Special Guest

Last time on Full Circle, mistwolf!Adriane almost one-hit killed the final boss, and Emily dispelled Adriane and restored her to her normal self. Can final boss battle finally start now? Find out after the cut.

Finally! It’s time for the final boss battle, in which the Original Party tells the Dark Sorceress to remember who she once was so they can complete their quest and win the game! And coming in to help the Original Party is none other than Faylinn, the winged panther that the Sorceress killed when she dual-classed!

But wait! How the hell did Faylinn manage to join the Original Party for this battle? Well, it turns out that Faylinn was bad-ass enough to join the Spirit Pack when she died, making her the only feline to run with a pack of dead wolves.

Anyway, the Sorceress reverts back to her normal form when Faylinn shows up. Faylinn forgives the Sorceress for killing her. Unfortunately, the Sorceress claims that it’s too late for her to change her ways, so she’s totally not going to rejoin the Original Party.

And then the shadow creatures fly through the Well of Tears, taking Avalon’s magic with them. Emily soon realizes that the Sorceress is using her shadow creatures to attack every single magical creature in existence. Yep, it’s just like Mass Effect, where the Reapers use the mass relay system to attack every single sentient creature in existence. I guess everyone’s screwed, then.

Next time: our heroes choose one of three color-coded endings.


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