Full Circle, Chapter 20: I’m a Wolf

Last time on Full Circle, Emily dispelled Kara, the Original Party fought a final boss battle, and everyone discovered that Adriane really did turn into a mistwolf. Will this final boss battle finally get started? Find out after the cut.

Oh great, it’s yet another round of Emily having to dispel a party member so she can finally participate in the final boss battle. Except this time, Adriane is a furry ball of hate, and Emily may not be able to dispel her on her own.

But maybe dispelling Adriane isn’t the best idea. The Sorceress also notices that her attempt to make Adriane dual-class has totally backfired, so she taunts Adriane by attacking the Spirit Pack. Wrong move — Adriane almost one-hit kills the Sorceress in response.

This is the part where I go, “WTF? Seriously? I can almost kill the final boss in one hit with a polymorphed Adriane? That’s badass! Or maybe the game’s broken. But whatever! I’m winning!”

But no, Emily decides to dispel Adriane. Emily casts Alter Aura, Kara amplifies the spell, and Ozzie casts Metaconcert on them and Drake (who’s still hanging out outside Avalon). Eventually, Adriane is dispelled and returns to her normal form. Again, we know she’s been dispelled because she summons Stormbringer immediately afterwards.

And now that our main party has been dispelled, it’s finally time to fight the final boss battle!

… In the next chapter, that is.

Next time: Yet another member of the Original Party arrives in Avalon.


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