Full Circle, Chapter 19: One-Winged Angel

Last time on Full Circle, there was an Original Party reunion at Avalon, and the Spider Witch was restored to her original form. Will the final boss battle finally begin? Find out after the cut.

I’m sorry. We’re not going to have a final boss battle just yet — at least, not with our current party. It’s the Original Party who gets the bad-ass final boss battle instead. Which I guess would seem unsatisfying if it were a video game, because you’re fighting the final boss with NPCs, basically. But from a storytelling standpoint, I guess it’s good: it’s the Original Party’s last best chance to get Miranda / the Dark Sorceress back on their side.

So while that bad-ass final boss battle is going on, Emily and Ozzie have to dispel the reality-warping spells on Kara and Adriane. Kara is conveniently close by, so Emily tries to dispel her first. Besides, it’s always a good idea to dispel Kara first, since she has useful magic-amplification spells.

Emily casts Aura Sight, and sees every possible Bad End that Kara could have had. Meanwhile, Ozzie comforts Lyra, which has the unintended side effect of strengthening her aura. Yep, Ozzie learned a new spell that is conveniently useful in the final boss battle. The spell is so awesome, Emily is able to see Kara’s true aura, convince her that the Bad End isn’t real, and dispel the reality-warping spell. We know it worked because Kara summons Starfire immediately after being dispelled.

While all that dispelling is going on, the Original Party is doing a sucktacular job with their final boss battle: the Dark Sorceress nuked the shield the Original Party cast on themselves. Thankfully, the battle is put on hold when Kara is dispelled. Lucinda is glad to see Kara again, and explains that they met in All’s Fairy in Love and War because Kara needed to see her.

The Dark Sorceress isn’t amused by the reunion, and takes the opportunity to blame Lucinda for making her the Big Bad she is today. And to prove her point, the Sorceress uses Avalon’s magic to turn into:

Boss: Dark Sorceress (Dragon Form)
Attacks: Fireball

So yes! We finally get our final boss battle!

… At least, that’s what Kara wants to do. But nooo, Emily insists on finding Adriane first so they can dispel her, leaving the Original Party to fight the boss battle for them. At least reinforcements show up: Dreamer and a black wolf suddenly arrive and attack dragon!Sorceress, giving the Original Party enough time to throw a magical tiny net over the final boss.

Sadly, the wolves don’t help the party for very long, because they turn on the current party! And that’s when Emily casts Aura Sight … and discovers that Dreamer’s wolf buddy is Adriane**.

* If you read the original edition of Trial by Fire, you totally saw this coming. The Sorceress transformed into some sort of inhuman beast when Kara summoned the white unicorn in that book.

** It’s been long speculated that Adriane’s new shapeshifting spell is a Level 3 mage spell. A recent interview with Rachel Roberts has pretty much debunked this: the shapeshifting ability is one of Adriane’s new shadow magic spells.

Status Update!
Ozzie learned: Metaconcert!
Adriane learned: Polymorph Self!

Next time: Emily casts Dispel again.


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