Full Circle, Chapter 14: War Assets

Last time on Full Circle, Henry Gardener told the party everything about the Original Party, suggested a method of making a new Key to the Gates of Avalon, and ran off to find Lucinda. Will the party be able to enter the Very Definitely Final Dungeon? Find out after the cut.

If any of you have played Mass Effect 3, you may remember having to collect resources and allies in order to a) properly construct a massive plot device superweapon and b) have a large enough army to fight off all the Reapers. Well, something similar has been quietly happening in the background of the Avalon books. Now, at the Gates of Avalon, the party will finally figure out if they have enough allies and resources to make a new Key, heal Avalon’s magic, and re-weave the Magic Web.

So let’s see what the party has:

  • A party member who can weave magic (Emily)
  • A blueprint for the new Key (Emily chooses a sparkletastic phelower)
  • The party’s bonded animals (Dreamer, Lyra, Buttercup)
  • The unicorns (Lorelei, the Unicorn Academy students)
  • The Spirit Pack
  • Magic flying cats (Lyra’s sisters, who we haven’t heard from in forever)
  • The sea dragons (via Marlin)
  • The animals and refugees at the Garden (via Tasha and Zach)
  • The Ravenswood refugees (via Tweek)
  • Everyone in the Fairy Realms (via Lorren)
  • The kobolds (via Buttercup)
  • Drake

Unfortunately, this is not enough to open the Gates of Avalon … unless Emily decides to kill Drake. Drake is totally willing to sacrifice himself to finish the Key, but Gwyx shows up in the nick of time and gives Emily some magic from the dragons at Dragon Home. It turns out that Gwyx convinced the other dragons to help the party by promising them free food.

So the party opens the Gates of Avalon … and nothing happens. Emily thinks that they have to actually enter Avalon in order to beat the game, which makes sense, I guess. I mean, you can’t just open the Gates of Avalon and not find out what’s on the other side. So after the party tells Gwyx, Drake, and Buttercup to guard the Gates in case shit hit the fan, they enter the Very Definitely Final Dungeon. There’s no turning back now….

Other Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Tweek hints that magic was used in constructing Stonehenge.

Next time: Weird stuff happens.


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