Full Circle, Chapter 12: Game-Breaking Powers

Last time on Full Circle, Gwyx joined the party, and every non-dragon party member ventured forth to the Dark Sorceress’s new lair. Will we finally get some proper dungeon-crawling action? Find out after the cut.

The party finally arrives at the Dark Sorceress’s new lair, which is protected by a heavy gate and a horde of reptilicons (the Avalon universe’s equivalent of D&D’s Yuan-Ti). Essentially, this happens:

Adriane: Dreamer, cast Mass Invisibility. Once we sneak in, Emily will cast Charm on the guards.
Emily: Charm is one of my new dark spells. I’m not comfortable casting those.
Buttercup: LEEEEEEEEROY JENKINS! *runs into gate, casts Explode*

Yeah. This is going to be a fun dungeon crawl. [/sarcasm]

As totally expected, the entire horde of reptilicons charges at the party, firing Magic Missiles from their staves. Adriane and Kara fire Magic Missiles of their own while Dreamer and Lyra maul some enemies. Luckily, disaster is averted when Emily grows some metaphorical balls and casts Fear, driving all the enemies out of the lair. The party then returns to their original plan and sneaks into the lair proper under Mass Invisibility.

Once inside the lair, Dreamer drops Mass Invisibility because something drove out all the enemies inside. And no, it wasn’t Emily’s spell from earlier. Still, it gives time for the party to comment on the Dark Sorceress’s decor choices. Kara is not a fan of the “Opulence — I Has It” theme.

Eventually, Dreamer detects evil somewhere upstairs, so the party climbs up the stairs … and finds the dungeon’s boss!

Boss: Shadow Leech
This shadow creature is just like the others — only it’s not.
Attacks: Leech Magic

The shadow leech strikes first and eats the party’s magic! Dreamer and Lyra try mauling the shadow leech, but it latches on to Dreamer and starts eating his magic! Emily casts Heal on Dreamer, but the shadow leech starts eating her magic!

See a pattern here?

Emily remembers that she can return shadow creatures to corporeal state, so she casts Aura Sight … and discovers that the shadow leech doesn’t have an aura! So that means she has no aura to alter! While this is going on, Adriane changes to mist form, flies into Dreamer, and frees him from the shadow leech. Kara then fires an Improved Magic Missile at the shadow leech, but it only makes it grow larger. Only now does the party remember that a) shadow creatures eat magic, and b) dark magic is Super Effective against shadow creatures.

So Emily casts Disintegrate. And poof! No more boss. Talk about a game-breaking spell!

Unfortunately, dark spells have a bad habit of making Emily crave magic. She starts absorbing Dreamer’s magic, but the rest of the party helps her come to her senses. At least Emily is nice enough to cast Aura Alteration and reverse all the damage done to Dreamer. Reality warping — it’s a good thing.

After the party comments on how Super Effective and game-breaking Emily’s new spells are, they head off to a room that the shadow leech was guarding. Inside they find … their long-absent mentor figure, Henry Gardener.

This should prove to be interesting.

Obvious Jewel Riders References:
The new lair is obviously the Castle Thornwood analogue: both are fortresses made out of thorny trees.

Other Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
The party comments that the new lair has no invisibility shield, while the Dark Circle (the old lair) had one. But, if you recall all the way back to the first half of the series, it was never stated that the Dark Circle was invisible! In fact, the characters were always able to see the lair whenever they were escaping or storming it!

The party’s been reading up on their RPG strategies! They actually get Dreamer and Lyra to detect traps inside the lair.

Emily’s Rainbow Jewel glows dark purple when detecting dark magic, and blood-red when casting dark magic spells (i.e. Charm, Modify Memory, Fear, and Disintegrate). Also, Emily’s eyes turn black when casting her new spells.

Status Update!
Buttercup learns: Explode!
Emily learns: Fear and Disintegrate!
Dreamer and Lyra learn: Find Traps!



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