Full Circle, Chapter 9: Victory Party Crashers, Part 2

Last time on Full Circle, Ozzie proved that he didn’t die at the Gates of Avalon, and the party told the Fairimentals that the Generic Fantasy Prophecy is a load of BS. Now the party prepares to visit Logan to get some much-needed info on defeating those pesky shadow creatures. Will Logan play nice and assist our heroes? Find out after the cut.

It’s a busy night at the Black Rose: fairy creatures are either dancing on the dance floor, or waiting in line to greet Logan at his private booth. And it’s all because the Original Party fixed the Magic Web and basically won the game.

But wait! New challengers appear!

A very pissed-off Kara crashes the party and tells Logan that a different party member dual-classed to a dark mage. Enter Emily — complete with an intro from the DJ — who casts Fear on everyone in the club.

Kara then explains that she’s pissed because Logan never mentioned that she had to kill an animal and take its magic in order to complete the proto-Power Crystal. Logan explains that creating a Power Crystal in such a short amount of time requires taking the life force of a strong magical animal, i.e. a dragon.

And then Adriane and Dreamer materialize in the room, which only causes Logan to admit that he’s impressed she bonded with a dragon and a mistwolf. The party sics their animals on Logan, forcing him to summon his golem bouncers. But since this is the end-game, Adriane easily defeats the golems by casting Magic Missile.

Logan finally agrees to let the party into his magitech lab, since the party destroyed his golems, scared off the club patrons, and pretty much killed the party mood.

Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Kara and Adriane get pimped-out outfits for the club. I wonder why Emily doesn’t? Anyway, Kara wears sequined jeans and a sparkly black v-neck.

Pimped-Out Kara Outfit Count: 10

Status Update!
Emily learns: Fear!

Next time: Emily finally gets a bonded animal of her very own.


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