Full Circle, Chapter 6: So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance?

Last time on Full Circle, the Spider Witch and Dark Sorceress had flashbacks. Are we going to get more background information on the Original Party? Find out after the cut.

Back on Earth, Adriane, Kara, the Catty Girls, and the Cool Dudes are getting everything set up for the upcoming graduation dance. But wait — aren’t our characters still in the seventh grade? There’s no way they should be graduating from middle school now! However, Ms. Roberts said in an interview that the series takes place over the course of two years, so I guess everyone moved on to the eighth grade at some point. The problem is, when?

Let’s try to figure this out:

  • The party enters the seventh grade at the start of All That Glitters.
  • Cry of the Wolf takes place about a month after Circles in the Stream, and a few days after All That Glitters.
  • Spellsinger takes place shortly after Secret of the Unicorn, since the Town Council remembers Lorelei impaling the visiting team’s mascot at a football game.
  • Trial by Fire takes place a week after Spellsinger.
  • Song of the Unicorns takes place about a month or two after Trial by Fire.
  • All’s Fairy in Love and War takes place three weeks after Song of the Unicorns.
  • Ghost Wolf takes place six weeks after Song of the Unicorns.
  • Dark Mage takes place about a month after Heart of Avalon.

The only places where a time-skip could take place would be between Cry of the Wolf and Secret of the Unicorn, or between Ghost Wolf and Heart of Avalon. I originally thought the skip would be between Trial by Fire and Song of the Unicorns, but Dreamer’s age in the latter kinda screws that up. So, if you readers can figure out when the party enters eighth grade, I’d be very grateful.

Anyway, nobody can figure out how to improve the “Good Luck Graduates!” signage, or where to put the podium. But not to worry, Emily shows up! Maybe she can solve everyone’s problems!

But, no. Emily doesn’t really give a shit. She just wants to return some books to the Ravenswood library. Heather thinks that Emily’s still dealing with Ozzie’s death, and tries to sympathize with her. Of course, the party isn’t really interested in Heather’s account of how she killed ten pets by playing dress-up with them, so they ditch and head for the Ravenswood library for a super-special “Let’s Try to Convince Emily to Rejoin the Party” presentation.

At the library, Emily gets really pissed because she finds Tweek in Ozzie’s old spot at the magitech computer, rearranging all the files Ozzie organized. She doesn’t get to be pissed for long, though, because Tweek has something to show her: THE PIE CHART OF DOOM!

Tweek pointed at a red section and began. “As you can see, Spider Witch Controls Web takes up 20%, Shadow Creature Army on Web comes in at 33%. Meanwhile, Fairimentals Hunkering Down at The Garden is holding steady at 11%, while Ravenswood, Phelower Capitol of the Web, just beat them out at 12%.” He took a breath and rattled on. “Otherworlds Attached to the Web 20%, Mages Have No Idea How to Get Back Into Avalon 65%, Avalon Is Full of Dark Magic 30%, and Dark Sorceress Inside Avalon is a whopping 75%.”

All this doom and gloom really pisses off the party, because Tweek was supposed to make a presentation to convince Emily to rejoin the party, not to remind everyone that it’s pretty much game over. At least Emily notices that there’s a 0.05% chance that “Mages Find Avalon and Win”:

Tweek then shows the party the latest version of the world map. Though the Spider Witch’s new web is strong, magic won’t flow on it correctly. So there’s a slim chance that the party could weave a new web of their own, which would destroy the Spider Witch’s web. Adriane also finds Avalon on the world map, but Tweek reveals that he can’t see what’s going on there.

Suddenly, the Fairimentals summon the party to Aldenmor. Emily reluctantly decides to rejoin the party, but only to say goodbye to the Fairimentals.

Other Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Adriane’s grandmother makes a triumphant return in this chapter. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do much except comment on Emily’s recent absence from Ravenswood, and announce that the Savage Lips are performing at the dance. I’m gonna assume that the Savage Lips are a crazy mash-up of Savage Garden and The Flaming Lips.

As you may have noticed, the sparkletastic rainbow-puff flowers are now officially called “phelowers”.

Next time: the Fairimentals remind the party that they got Game Over.


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