Tiny Update on the Avalon Movie

More news on the upcoming Avalon movie, courtesy of the official Facebook page:

In addition to Emily, Adriane, and Kara, there is a fourth [party member] for the movie. It’s very cool how he is worked into the story. It’s not Zach, he is slated to be introduced in Movie 2.

This will be a live action movie with real and CGI animated animals.

So, a new party member? Will he be an already-established character or a new one created for the movie? This should be interesting to follow up on.

Not keen on the live action / CGI format, unless it’s done well.

Also, I guess it’s confirmed that there will be more than one movie. Though I guess that’s jumping the gun a bit: why plan sequels if you have no idea how successful the first film is?

[EDIT] The part about the identity of the fourth party member seems to have disappeared from the Avalon Facebook page.



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