Avalon Movie Teaser Poster Revealed!

Image courtesy of official Avalon Facebook page.

Image courtesy of official Avalon Facebook page.



  1. So awesome! Well, I mean the Dark Sorceress looks a little like Pizazz from Jem and the Holograms, but still, this is a pretty rockin’ (see what I did there?) poster. 🙂

  2. Oh. My. Paladin. I cannot express my excitement for this development without using all caps, so… AVALON MOVIE POSTER! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! If only this meant that the movie was hand-drawn. I don’t want it to be live-action because by the last movie the actors will all be in their thirties. XD Or at least twenties, if they don’t make all twelve individually. Still… it’ll be cool. 🙂

    1. You know, I’ve always thought that Avalon would make a great animated series. Each book could be covered in 2-3 episodes.

      And agreed jacquesworth that I feel very dubious about the live-action prospects for this actually coming out well.

        1. This is the first I’ve heard of the movie being direct-to-video. Source?

          However, if it is direct-to-video, then I’m not going to be too torn-up about it being live action instead of animated. Still, I’d rather it had been an animated series. Always thought the books were suited for that medium.

  3. Author’s comment on the facebook post: “In addition to Emily, Adriane, and Kara, there is a fourth for the movie. It’s very cool how he is worked into the story. It’s not Zach, he is slated to be introduced in Movie 2.”

    Meh. That’s totally unnecessary. Having three heroines works just fine, and adding some random dude just means less time to focus on them. Maybe I’m just one of those stupid hardcore fans that’s impossible to please, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this already…

    1. Maybe the new character is a replacement for Ozzie, because CGI talking ferret may be hard to pull off?

      Not looking forward to that development at all — unless it turns out being one of the boys in Kara’s posse. I’ve always wanted someone outside the main characters to grow a brain and figure out that there’s magical stuff going on in their backyard. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how this shakes out.

  4. Animation is my favourite medium, you can do so many amazing things with animation that you just CANNOT do with live action. I’m a little disappointed that the series wont be portrayed via animated series. They could have done some seriously beautiful things.

    I’m still gunna watch the movie and cry like the fangirl that I am, but still.

    Also, Allison Storm’s Dark Sorceress is beautiful. Her hair, the arrogant squint of her eyes. Peter-pan collars are really popular right now, it’s a modern detail that I really really love.

    1. Yeah, I’m also digging how the Sorceress looks in the poster. I’ve always imagined her to be this ethereal, beautiful woman … and then you look at her eyes and realize that something’s not quite right with her. Magically-caused mutations will do that to you.

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