Full Circle, Chapter 5: Flashbacked!

Last time on Full Circle, Emily mourned over Ozzie and refused to rejoin the party. Will the band ever get back together? Find out after the cut.

We’re not going to find out if the party will get back together, because it’s time for another chapter on the Original Party! Yay!

While our heroes are throwing rainbow puff flowers at Emily, the Spider Witch watches her web unravel. Emily has stopped sending magic from Ravenswood, and the Dark Sorceress’s shadow creatures are devouring magic on the web. Of course, this really pisses off the Spider Witch.

The Spider Witch then reminisces about the Original Party. Apparently Sylvan (the Spider Witch) was best friends with Lucinda, and she tried to protect Lucinda when the Original Party opened the Gates of Avalon. Of course, Lucinda ended up dying anyway, and Avalon’s dark magic turned Sylvan into the Spider Witch. Strangely enough, the Spider Witch is glad that Lucinda is dead because her friend never got to see the monster she became.

The Spider Witch then remembers that Miranda (the Dark Sorceress) was convinced becoming a dark mage was the only way to obtain power. Unfortunately, this had horrible consequences for the Spider Witch: she’s now a half-spider monster, and her healing powers were corrupted by dark magic (read: she hasn’t leveled up enough to regain her Healer spells, because dual-classing). It’s then revealed that the Spider Witch’s ultimate plan was to open the Gates of Avalon so she could find a cure for her condition. So … I guess she never really was a bad guy after all.

After realizing that a) the current party is experiencing the same failings as the Original Party, and b) a horde of shadow creatures is headed for her lair, the Spider Witch reluctantly decides to join the Dark Sorceress in Avalon.

Suddenly, a flashback from the Dark Sorceress’s point of view! Sometime before the Original Party reached the Gates of Avalon, Lucinda and Sylvan introduce Miranda to a magical animal. Of course, Miranda spends most of her time thinking about why Lucinda became Fairy Queen (she seems to think the fairies chose Lucinda because she was prettier and more powerful) and how Lucinda is soooo good with animals.

Anyway, Miranda meets Faylinn, a winged black panther. And by “black panther”, I don’t mean some ancestor of T’Challa of Wakanda, but essentially a black version of Lyra. Miranda and Faylinn totally become best friends.

The flashback then fast-forwards to the Gates of Avalon. The party has brought their Power Crystals, and they prepare to open the Gates. Miranda sees Lucinda and Gardener holding hands, which totally breaks her heart. (This explains the Dark Sorceress x Henry Gardener hints in the last book.)

Miranda is the only member of the Original Party who knows the true meaning of the Generic Fantasy Prophecy: namely, that one party member will become a dark mage and screw everything up. So when the party does open the Gates of Avalon, Miranda kills Faylinn and casts Imprisonment on Lucinda. Sylvan then turns into a half-spider monster, the Power Crystals are scattered, and the portal to Avalon disappears.

Miranda doesn’t come out of this unscathed: her fangs have enlarged, claws have ripped through her fingers, and she has an insatiable hunger for magic. She now craves for more magic in order to complete her transformation.

The Dark Sorceress then awakens from her reverie, convinced that a) she will soon have all the magic, and b) nobody will ever defeat her. Mwahahahaha!

Other Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Sylvan’s name is mysteriously spelled with a “y” again.

Remember when I was wondering how Lucinda became Fairy Queen when she’s only half-fairy? Apparently it was a big deal that Lucinda was a half-fairy Fairy Queen, and the youngest one ever crowned.

There are some hints that Lucinda and Sylvan were more than just friends. Namely, Sylvan often looks at Lucinda “adoringly”.

Now you can role-play as the Original Party! Lucinda wears a Unicorn Jewel (of course), Sylvan wears a blue pearl on a ring, and Miranda wears an emerald on a bracelet. Sorry, there’s no official names for Sylvan’s and Miranda’s jewels. Fans, come up with awesome names for them!

Next time: The party discovers that they may still have a chance to fix everything.


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