Full Circle, Chapter 2: Time to Get Everyone Caught Up

Last time on Full Circle, the party saved Emily and her obviously-brainwashed unicorns from a swarm of shadow creatures. However, was returning to Ravenswood a Bad Idea? Find out after the cut.

The party arrives at Ravenswood, where the mistwolves organize guard patrols and the refugees get a triage center set up for the wounded. And by “triage center”, I mean the old-fashioned first-aid kit type of triage center, because Emily’s still obviously brainwashed and is more concerned with obtaining magic than with spamming Heal.

Tasha then shows up, and the not-brainwashed party members recap what happened at the Gates of Avalon in the last book. After the brief recap, Tasha wonders why the party didn’t just use Avalon’s magic to defeat the Dark Sorceress in an epic final boss battle. Which is what I guess anybody would have done, except that Avalon is Sealed Evil in a Can, and I don’t think dark magic would be very effective against a Dark Sorceress.

Lorren then shows up, and the party has to recap everything all over again! After the recap, Lorren gets pissed at Kara for making the proto-Power Crystal in the last book. Thankfully, Adriane diffuses the situation by explaining that Kara’s proto-Power Crystal saved Drake’s life because it finally killed the Shadow Dragon that possessed him.

Tweek then shows up, but luckily the party doesn’t have to recap everything yet again. Instead, Tweek gives the party some good and bad news. The good news: the Spider Witch’s web, energized with the magic Emily gathered from Avalon, has stabilized all the portals. The bad news: if all of Avalon’s magic is released onto the web, every single magical creature will turn dark. Well, at least the party admits that they totally effed up their quest….

Suddenly, Tasha’s magitech iPhone reacts to Emily’s jewel, which is emitting dark magic! The party realizes that a) Emily is under some sort of brainwashing spell, and b) Emily wandered off into the glade where she first found her Rainbow Jewel, and is now taking all of Ravenswood’s magic and sending it to the Spider Witch’s web. And I finally realize that the glade and the portal field are two separate locations that are next to each other, instead of being one and the same place. Argh!

Anyway, I guess it’s time for a boss battle!

Boss: Emily Fletcher
Who saw that coming?
Attacks: Dude, she’s been in the party since the very beginning. YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS.

Adriane remembers that she learned Heal during that power-switcharoo incident several books ago, so she casts Heal, and Kara and the refugees amplify it. Unfortunately, Emily casts Power Leech and takes their magic. Kara then fires a Magic Missile at Emily, which briefly dispels her counterattack. Emily then fires dark magic from her Rainbow Jewel, turning the glade into an Amazing Thorny Battlefield.

The party doesn’t want to harm Emily, since they’re friends and all, but they conclude that they’re going to have to attack her so she doesn’t destroy Ravenswood….

Obvious Jewel Riders References
So, all those thorny trees that sprouted up because dark magic? Totally a reference to the Thornwoods from Jewel Riders, which always seem to appear whenever Kale and her Dark Stone are around.

Next time: The rest of the boss battle!


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